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Month Index: November, 1996

From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Sun, 10 Nov 1996 16:27:39 -0500
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster: Elrannarion
I really liked the plans to the Crown of Corellon in the Base of Woes
adventure of the Space Lairs book.  I believe it was mistakenly refered to as
an Elven Armada (an Armada is a ship, the Crown of Corellon is a base created
from seven Man-O-War ship hulls).  Here is one version of a active
base-station to be used in the Astromundi Cluster.

Elven Port of Elrannarion
Type: Irregular ,Living
Size: A
Population: 2100
Primary Inhabitants: Elves
Exports/Natural Resources: Spelljamming port, passage out of the cluster.
Imports: Only the best of everything.
     Seen from Orbit: Elrannarion is an elven base-station (see
sources/reference material) that resides in the second to last "ring" section
of the clusters outer sphere.  It orbits the sphere clockwise (opposite
direction of the rest of the sphere) and completes a full cycle
every 120 weeks (it is in each section only six days).  The stations gravity
plane is level with the rest of the sphere and it rotates slowly (once each
day).  Due to the heavy activity in the area, there are always a number of
elven ships in vicinity.
     Description:  Elrannarion is the check point of the cluster.  Here is
where most customers must travel to have their ships hauled out of the
crystal sphere.  This is done via the Orchid class transport ships that are
stationed here.  These huge living ships are designed to contain other ships
rather than for battle.  Their crew can alter its shape to envelope any ship
up to 65 tons even though the Orchid is only 25 tons itself.  It always seems
to retain a shape that roughly resembles the flower it is named after.  The
fact that it often changes color when it shape changes adds to its beauty.
 [No stats are provided for the Orchid since it has no practical value
anywhere else and the elves would never allow them to fall into the hands of
     The station is also equipped with 14 flitters and no less than three
Man-O-War are stationed here at any time.  About a half dozen Doombats are
used as escort ships when the Orchids travel to and from the outer shell. The
Orchids are about the only way a large ship
can exit the sphere and the elves collect a fantastic fortune in their fees.
 A ship is charged 10% of its cargo value... and the elves inspect and assess
the cargo value!  Even the Neogi have noted that the elves are fair in this
and pride is taken in an untarnished reputation.
     One additional feature that makes the base-station better defended is
the use of dangerous plants inside special ballista bolt housings.  Only the
elves seem to be able to keep these plants contained AND alive for such use.
 Common plants used are; Choke Creepers, Retch Plant fruit, Strangleweed, and
Green Slime.  Other plants are experimented with from time to time.
     The base is commanded by Aerarrilni Melaeniri, a shrewd judge of
character and an old spacefarer.  She is open-minded to the needs of other
races, but will never allow anything to jeopardize elven safety.  Aerarrilni
answers only to the governmental council of Avarien,
even though she is still an officer in good standing with the Imperial Elven
Navy.  Aerarrilni has learned to not always trust elves also.  Recently an
Insectare spy was captured, creating some concern for
internal security.  Her crew and staff are varied with both native and
non-native elven members.  One of her officers stands out in a crowd.
 Zai'Daithear is a rogue drow fighter who cannot abide evil. They meet
centuries ago in another sphere and Aerarrilni owed him her life from that
encounter.  She sees to it that he is not mistreated by others on the base,
even thought he could take care of himself in a scrap (F11, str 18/54, 2
weapon style, specialized in long swords).  It was he who exposed the
Insectare by the fact that it was the only new elf to come aboard the
base-station that did not have an adverse reaction to him.
     The Sindiath Line keep a set of offices on the base-station and a ship
from that company is often docked.  Elrannarion is a regular stopping place
for ships leaving the sphere since current reports for the
phlogiston can be quite useful.  To return the favor, many captains calculate
their entry into the sphere to pass near Elrannarion to exchange information
and supplies. Ships going to and from Avarien, Giltiond and other smaller
elven settlements will sometimes pass near Elrannarion just to make sure they
avoid Scro or Illithid hunters.
     The elves have the worst kept secret in the cluster.  Many races realize
the nature of the clusters shell, but are unable to create living ships of
their own.  Captured elven ships are difficult to maintain for those not
trained in their care and the elves go to great lengths to discourage this.
 Some races have their own ways of dealing with the exiting the sphere shell
however.  The esthetic of the reigar can enter and exit the sphere shell at
will.  The neogi leech ships use kindori hosts to escape the confines of the
cluster, but cannot carry much cargo and the kindori do not usually survive a
prolonged trip through the phlogiston.  And the illithids have attempted
several similar designs with space beasts, most notably with Space Drakes.
 The elves are aware of their competition, but seem unconcerned.  The waiting
list for ships wanting to exit is long.
     Resources/Reference Material: Space Lairs (required for maps of the base

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