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From:     Toby Mekelburg <toby@????.net>
Date:     Wed, 06 Nov 1996 20:59:27 -1000
Subject:  Re: Cormyr and Spelljamming
I wrote this up initially for the Realms list, but since it is not back up
yet, I figured I'd post the SJ portion to the list. I will post the full
post on Cormyr(when I finish) to the Realms list(when it's up). Comments


Cormyr and Spelljamming

Like Waterdeep, Cormyr has a strict policy concerning spelljamming craft.
Flying of unauthorized spelljammers over any Cormyrean settlement will
result in the offending vessel being shot down by hippogriff mounted War
Wizards or Purple Dragon crewed Hammerships. 'Jammers must either hug the
coastline, or fly well away from towns and villages. Flights above the Lake
of Dragons are allowed, but the harassing of Cormyrean Navy or merchant
vessels will result in an attack by the aforementioned aerial forces. The
only two ports for spelljammers in Cormyr are at Suzail and Marsember.

The spelljamming port of Marsember lies adjacent to the Naval Drydock
compound. It is surrounded by its own newly built 20' high stone walls.
Three towers have been built at strategic points on the wall. In these
towers are three medium ballistas with crews of four Purple Dragons. These
weapons, as well as blasting spells, are used as defensive measures in the
event of 'jammer attack on the city. The dock has room for three vessels,
and docking fees are a flat 5 gp, which includes air and drinking water.
Also, merchants bringing goods via spelljammer must pay a flat 4% tax on
their items. A year ago, a scro mantis was shot down after it tried to leave
the dock without paying. A few scro survivors are currently working in the
Royal rock quarries.

The Suzalian 'jammer dock is built a half mile from the city, mainly for
security reasons. There are currently six docks in a clear, unwalled field.
Docking fees are 8 gp for water and air, while a wagon to transport goods
along the paved road will cost 2gp. The road leading to Suzail was paved
with intricately cut granite stones from Tyrluk. The money to do this came
from the Crown and several of the noble families. Teamsters, from the
Teamsters Guild, can be hired as per PH costs. The use on non-guild labor
will generally result in the transported goods to arrived damaged or not
arrive at all. These events are usually chalked up to 'human error". The
same 4% tax is enforced as well.

The docks at Marsember and Suzail are patrolled by customs agents and Purple
Dragons. Both the customs agents and Purple Dragons are rotated regularly to
combat corruption. Contraband material is usually smokepowder, guns, drugs,
poisons, slaves etc. Smuggling of contraband will result in prison terms of
2-4 years. When a ship wants to dock, it is met by War Wizards, Purple
Dragons and Customs Agents.

Cormyr's Air Cavalry
To protect Cormyr from attack from Wildspace and the dangers of the
Stonelands and Goblin Marches, Cormyr has formed aerial fighting units:
'jammers and hippogriff cavalry. Cormyr has a small fleet of spelljammers,
forming their main aerial force. The fleet consists of:
4 Hammerships
2 Cogs
3 Shrikeships
2 Dragonflies

The Hammerships are equipped with major helms, while the rest use minor helms.

One Hammership is stationed at Marsember and one at Suzail. Their primary
purpose is the defense of the city from attack. The two cogs are based at
Marsember and routinely patrol the Lake of Dragons, rarely using their
spelljamming abilities unless necessary. The Shrikeships and Dragonflies
rotate between High Horn and Castle Crag, running patrols over the
Stonelands and Goblin Marches. In addition, Cormyr has two minor and one
major helm in reserve, captured from raiding ships. The major helm was
recovered when Cormyrean forces downed a neogi Deathspider near Hultail.
Under covering fire from the Hammerships, four Shrikeships, filled with
Purple Dragons, mages and priests, boarded the Deathspider. During the
fighting, an explosion on board the neogi craft destroyed the entire ship,
crew, Cormyrean soldiers, mages and one of the Shrikeships.

Recently, a elven Flitter was salvaged near Waymoot after it was damaged by
scro. The Flitter was recovered and the injured elven pilot healed of his
wounds. The elf, a Lieutenant Cavarien Starbow(CG em F5/W7) of the IEN, has
been appointed as an advisor to King Azoun concerning spelljamming matters.

The other Hammerships patrol Cormyrean airspace and occasionally make
contact with Waterdhavian 'jammers. Although relations have been strained
between Waterdeep and Cormyr since the Tuigan War, they do sometimes
coordinate with each other to fend off neogi, Tenth Pit, and scro.

A few of the noble families have purchased spelljammers. To own a 'jammer,
it requires a license costing 2,000 gp. This allows ownership of three
vessels; any additional ships will cost 500gp. Licenses can be obtained from
local lords or their heralds. They take down the name, class, owner and
power source for the license. Airborne patrols, armed with this info are
able to determine which vessel is Cormyrean and which is not. Some notable
families with spelljamming craft are:

The Crownsilvers
The Crownsilver fleet is operated by Hrathar Crownsilver(NG hm F5), a young
man with dashing good looks who is considered by many an up-and-comer in
Court. He is assisted by several cousins who are competent mages. It seems
that in recent years members of the Crownsilver family have shown a great
aptitude for wizardly arts, which is strange since it has never had more
than a few members in the War Wizards. The Crownsilvers are currently
engaged in trading with several Wildspace nations.
  1 Tradesman
  2 Cogs
  1 Dragonfly
  2 Squidships
All are equiped with major helms.

The Hawklins
The Hawklins are renowned for their military service to the Crown. They are
at the forefront of Cormyr's military expansion into Realmspace. Their main
objective is to keep the shipping lanes of Realmspace free of pirates, scro
and neogi. Erltos Hawklin(LG hm F10) commands the family's small, but
efficient fleet.
  2 Hammerships
  1 Battledolphin
  2 Galleons
The Battledolphin and Galleons are equipped with major helms. Also, the
Hawklins have hired two dozen giff mercs to serve on the Hammerships.

The Scatterhawks
The Skatterhawks have turned to the exploration of Realmspace, specifically
the Tears of Selune. Headed by Aleria Scatterhawk(LN hf P9), they have
mapped many of the asteroid fields and several of the communities including
the dwarven Citadel and Dragon Rock.
  2 Shrikeships
  3 Wasps
  1 Mosquito

The Dauntinghorns
The Dautinghorns are primarily interested in trade. Relinia Dautinhorn(CG
hef W12/P10) directs the aggressive trade negotiations with several nations
of Wildspace and merchant companies on Bral. The Dauntinghorns have
established a compound in the Merchant's Quarter on Bral. They are also
starting up the building of several types of spelljammers in Suzail. The
full operation will be up and running within the year.

  4 Tradesman
  2 Dolphin-Shuttles
  2 Squid Ships

The Cormaerils have had their Whaleship and 2 Hammerships confiscated by the
crown after recent events(see Cormyr:A Novel)

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