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From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Tue, 5 Nov 1996 12:56:07 -0500
Subject:  Re: Need editorial help!
I have several items that I would like to post and/or submit to the Beyond
the Moons site.  However I need some editorial help on them.  Anyone that is
interested and willing to take up a half finished item below, E-mail me and
I'll send you what I've got so far.

(Item #1) Spelljammer Players Options:  Would need access to the following
reference material to complete the article and judge its game balance. Dragon
#235 and/or Dragon Annual #1, Players Options: Skills & Powers, Complete
Spacefarer's Handbook.  Article is about 80% finished, but need another set
of eyes to look it over and finish some races.

(Item #2) I have about four hand drawn maps of the following: "typical"
farming asteroid, a dwarven town asterioid, a neogi trade station (looks like
a big spider).  Need someone that can either scan them in and touch-up or
better yet redraw them in a format that would look nice.   Would have to
snail-mail the maps, maps too light for my logitech hand-held scanner.

(Item #3) I have a list of AC/SJ encounters that need to be put into an nice
"Encounters" format.  They are currently about a page of one or two liners.
 Some could be expanded into full adventures.   I had used them as a
"grab-bag" of encounters incase the players went in a direction that was not
fleshed out yet.

(Items #4)  I have a two of (SJ) dungeons that were designed for a home game
and could be rewritten for general Spelljammer.  They need some cleanup work
but are already in WP format.  Maps may have to be handled in Item #4.

I am basically having time/motivational problems getting these things
finished.  I would like to share them with others because; why let it all go
to waste when someone else might use/enjoy it.  This stuff may be junk to
many (it was for an Astromundi Cluster campaign), but could be adopted to any
SJ campaign.


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Month Index: November, 1996

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