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From:     Staffan Johansson <d96sj@???.???.se>
Date:     Tue, 05 Nov 1996 17:37:26 +0100
Subject:  Re: Firebody Wars
Forest T Pavel wrote:
> >I LIKE this idea (except for the StormTroopers, who are too much of
> >cannon-
> >fodder to be Sp. Priests).
> Well, if you want, the stormtroopers could simply be 0-level worshipers,
> there are certinly enough of those.

That was pretty much what I had in mind, that or low-level fighters (they ARE
supposed to be elite,after all (ROTFL)).

> >The Spelljammer paradigm needs to be a bit
> >changed
> >for this to work, though. For example, spaceships in SJ tends to be a
> >bit
> >on the big and expensive side, and that doesn't quite suit the Star
> >Wars
> >universe with hundreds of fighters. But, I'll try to find the time to
> >start
> >working on it.
> The fighters in the Star Wars sphere could also be much less expensive
> since they have so many ship daocks building them.  Oh, oh, got an idea!
> Wouldn't it be cool if the Grand Moff Tarkin was a rogue arcane (same
> build, same dour attitude, just blue), and he could supply all the ships
> and helms to the empire for a reduced price, or for free.
> >Also, I think the Jedi would be best suited to Psionics:
> >
> >* No mumbo-jumbo phrases, gestures or components.
> >
> >* Seems based in belief in oneself.
> >
> >* A lot of Jedi-like psionics can be found in both The
> >Psi.Net.Handbook (old
> >version) and the DS.Net.Handbook.
> I had this idea too, but how would Luke fly a one-seater spelljammer
> without magic capabilitym that's why I stipulated that he be a dual- (or
> perhaps multi, if you allow it, and yes I do know know it goes against
> the rules of humans not being dual-classed, but there's an exception to
> every rule!) class mage/psionicist (or even a mage/psioinicist/fighter to
> account for his warrior skills).  The mage part could handle the flying
> while the psionicist could be the Jedi part.  Vader could be a
> mage/fighter/psionicist, as could Kenobi.  You could even make a kit for
> Jedi, being a mage/psionicist/fighter.  Yoda, of course, would just be a
> psionicist.

IIRC, there is a weak helm that only works for VERY light ships in War
Captain's Companion, that is used for the Locust ships (very small, there are
50 or so of them in a 200-ton Tsunami).

Also, I didn't envision a Star Wars Clone, but rather a Star Wars-like approach
to SJ. (Hence FireBody Wars...).

> >That would leave the question of where to put the mages and priests.
> >But, I'll
> >try to find time to work on it.
> See above to solve this problem.  Otherwise you'd have to supply some
> kind of new helm that works without a mage or priest.

There could very well be a psijammer helm. IIRC, the keeper of the new
Net.Psi.Book was working on one, and it shouldn't be to hard making one up.
(Draining SR*x PSPs per round in tactical speed, and y PSPs/rd when at SJ
speed, max SR as Major or Minor helm).

Hmmm... If you have a universe with a lot of Wild Talents, this could be
used to pilot all those fighters.

	Staffan Johansson (d96sj@???.???.se)
This line does not exist Fnord

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