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From:     Forest T Pavel <tokenmale@????.com>
Date:     Tue, 05 Nov 1996 08:36:54 EST
Subject:  Re: Druids)
>I LIKE this idea (except for the StormTroopers, who are too much of
>fodder to be Sp. Priests).

Well, if you want, the stormtroopers could simply be 0-level worshipers,
there are certinly enough of those.

>The Spelljammer paradigm needs to be a bit
>for this to work, though. For example, spaceships in SJ tends to be a
>on the big and expensive side, and that doesn't quite suit the Star
>universe with hundreds of fighters. But, I'll try to find the time to
>working on it.

The fighters in the Star Wars sphere could also be much less expensive
since they have so many ship daocks building them.  Oh, oh, got an idea!
Wouldn't it be cool if the Grand Moff Tarkin was a rogue arcane (same
build, same dour attitude, just blue), and he could supply all the ships
and helms to the empire for a reduced price, or for free.

>Also, I think the Jedi would be best suited to Psionics:
>* No mumbo-jumbo phrases, gestures or components.
>* Seems based in belief in oneself.
>* A lot of Jedi-like psionics can be found in both The
>Psi.Net.Handbook (old
>version) and the DS.Net.Handbook.

I had this idea too, but how would Luke fly a one-seater spelljammer
without magic capabilitym that's why I stipulated that he be a dual- (or
perhaps multi, if you allow it, and yes I do know know it goes against
the rules of humans not being dual-classed, but there's an exception to
every rule!) class mage/psionicist (or even a mage/psioinicist/fighter to
account for his warrior skills).  The mage part could handle the flying
while the psionicist could be the Jedi part.  Vader could be a
mage/fighter/psionicist, as could Kenobi.  You could even make a kit for
Jedi, being a mage/psionicist/fighter.  Yoda, of course, would just be a

>That would leave the question of where to put the mages and priests.
>But, I'll
>try to find time to work on it.

See above to solve this problem.  Otherwise you'd have to supply some
kind of new helm that works without a mage or priest.

Well, these are my suggestions, love 'em or chuck 'em!

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                      m /oo\ m   m /oo\ m
                Forest "Token Male" Pavel
                 Being the nice guy sucks!

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