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Month Index: October, 1996

From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@???????.net>
Date:     Tue, 29 Oct 1996 18:32:09 -0500
Subject:  Re: MODERATOR: Lists future - Good news! (fwd)

** ALL AD&D mailing list subscribers - PLEASE READ **

Hi all,

The search

During the past few weeks, I've been searching hard on every listserver,
majordomo, listproc, listserv and personal site which hosts role-playing
lists, in an attempt to find a permanent home for these lists outside of

The lists are:

  SPELLJAMMER (run by Richard Pugh)


  (except this never got off the ground due to the Leicester closure)

Most of the lists are now running into their fourth year, and are used by
so many people, that closing them down was never an option to which I

In addition, I had a goal to attempt to move all lists to one site if at all
possible. This is a daft idea, because all of the lists together take a hell
of a chunk out of any machine which is processing them. It was a goal,
nonetheless. One point of contact for all AD&D lists.

In my search for a new site, I used my own List-of-RPG-Lists, which many of
you use, as a guide. Almost every site I asked never replied or stated that
it could not host the lists. In all over that time I individually contacted
100+ sites for help.

The result

One site, came through with flying colours. It will host **ALL** lists on
its majordomo software.

The majordomo administrator at this site was so difficult to get hold of,
due to the fact that all of the mail-accounts to him were disabled - that
I almost dropped them from consideration. It took me many, many attempts at
dogged perseverance (due mostly to the fact that I hate being beaten by
automated list servers) before I even found an account which might be able
to help. It just turned out that this was the one I wanted.

The site is well-known through its collaboration with TSR anyway; it is
MPG-Net, also known as MPGN.

The move

I will be moving all the above lists to MPGN during the next two weeks or
so. All the subscribers files will be moved, so you do not need to

REALMS, as it is currently down without a home, will be the first to move.
After that I will move the other lists, one at a time. You will all be
given a brief warning on each seperate list before the changeover occurs.
>From that point on, all messages to that Leicester list will fail.


Other info

One final set of information:

  1) Once TSR's site is (a) up, (b) running, and (c) has some sort of
  listserv/majordomo software on it, then Sean and I may agree to move the
  lists to TSR's site. I'll still moderate, don't panic. However, that is
  a way off yet.

  2) All posting rules will still stand. People will still be thrown off for
  rudeness, spamming, flaming, jabs at TSR/T$R, constantly annoying the hell
  out of others and the like. As far as this goes - these lists will be
  MODERATED. In other words, it's not free speech. Please remember this.

  3) These lists will still be intended as a place where TSR designers can
  meet and chat to people.

And finally

Thanks for your patience, it appears to have been rewarded.

Thanks also to all those who emailed me their thanks for hosting these lists
for the net AD&D community. Your thanks made it easier to sit at a keyboard
and attempt to get hold of MPGN.

All the best,


| Alistair G. Lowe-Norris                   E-mail : agl1@??.??.uk        |
| NetWare Systems Manager                                                 |
| Computer Centre, Leicester University,                                  |
| University Road, Leicester LE1. 7RH., U.K.                              |
|                                                                         |
| X.400: S=agl1; O=Leicester;; C=GB                               |
| Tel: +44 (0) 116 252-2250 Fax: +44 (0) 116 252-5027                     |

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Month Index: October, 1996

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