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From:     The Mage <mage@??????.net>
Date:     Mon, 28 Oct 1996 16:11:27 +0000
Subject:  Re: Pirates of Realmspace
(*) wrote:
> Sheesh.  It's been years since I played this thing.
>         I remember it...vaguely...but there were a few things I do
> remember.
>         It took me awhile, but I was able to make it to the Dwarven
> citadel, at which most of my crew was slaugtered.  I did manage to finally
> win the prize (whatever it was...I don't remember).
>         During the game, I was able to take control of all different kinds
> of ships, including the Elven Man 'O War (my personal favorite...get it if
> you can) and the Deathspider, grappling Ram and all.

Really?  I always got killed by the elves.  They're tough little buggers.

>         If you've been playing the game for awhile, and you start to get
> bored, here are a few things you might want to try:
>         -->     See if you can leave the sphere.  I've tried this, and
> have made it into the flow, but I haven't had any adventures in the flow.
> Usually, my crew die from lack of oxygen before I can make it back to
> Realmspace.

I've made it into another sphere several times, but you can't find any
planets or anything.

>         -->     Spelljam manually.  This is cool, and a nifty way to have
> a random encounter.  If you're lucky (damn lucky, cause I never could) you
> might be able to find the citadel on your own.  Good luck, tho.

I once spelljammed right into the sun.  It's pretty cool, but I wouldnt
reccomend it if you want to survive.

>         -->     Make as many shipping runs as you can.  Earn a lot of
> money, then start a savings account with a bank on Toril.  Trust me, you
> will need it.  Going up against some ships will really damage your ship.

Better yet, choose one of the "kill the vile bad dude" missions, and when
you meet said vile bad dude, keep hailing him and asking him for money until
he gives you all his cargo.  Then go to a planet, sell the cargo, save your game,
and do it again.  I got magic swords for my whole crew by doing this.

>         One last thing to remember: If you take over a Deathspider or
> Mindspider, you will be fired upon as soon as Elven ships see you.  They
> don't know you're not Neogi, and therefore the scourge of the Spaceways.
> Eric F. Schetley
> Onestar, Captian, The Eternal Wanderer
> P.S.    Is anyone running POR on Windows 95?  I tried to install it the
> other day (for old times sake) and had a few problems.  It might have been
> incompatiblity with my new sound card, but I'm curious if anyone else had
> this problem.

I tried it once, but it won't work with sound.  Otherwise, it's fine.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> "The difference is in viewpoint:
>         Science is a way of talking about the universe in words that bind
>         it to a common reality
>         Magic is a method of talking to the universe in words that it
>         cannot ignore
> The two are rarely compatible."
>                                                         Neil Gaiman, 1991

-The Mage
All my life, I have struggled to make things right.
But whenever I do, things just get worse.
All I really want... is to right my own wrongs.

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