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From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Sat, 19 Oct 1996 00:36:29 -0400
Subject:  Re: Battle for the Lytherian astroid
Well,  here's the after action report from the Battlesystem/Spelljammer
game I mentioned earlier.  Everyone seemed to think the Elves were destined
to be creamed,  but the battle turned out pretty even I think.

To:Admiral Glindorie,  Sindspace Command,  Imperial Elven Navy
From: Captain Syndrial, Commander; Lytherian Base,  Imperial Elven Marines
re:Scro assault of 12 Cyr Cycle

        On the 12th day of the Cyr cycle a small fleet of scro vessels
appeared within the near vicinity of my command.  Due to the relative
density of the astroid field within this region,  they were not spotted
until they were within 1000 yards of the base.  The alert was immediately
sounded,  the artillery crews rushed to their machines,  the Marines took
up their positions within the upper levels of the complex,  and the
noncombantants retreated into the cellars below.  The crews of the two
flitters assigned here,  as well the dragonfly-class "Calibril's Arrow" all
rushed to their cessels and prepared to launch,  according to our
prearranged plan they were to attempt to engage the enemy close to the
fortification,  where the warmachines of the base could support them.  I
immediately contacted the captain of the man-o-war "Darnnanon",  which I
knew to be nearby,  and requested assistance.  She informed me that they
would arrive within 12 hours.  I then turned to repelling the assault.
        The Imperial Navy crews acted valiently,  but with little effect.
The Scro had chosen to attack the landing field first;  within minutes of
takeoff both flitters had been destroyed by a barrage from medium ballistae
and fire projectors.  "Calibril's Arrow" was also destroyed,  but her
catapult crew managed to destroy one of the attacking Blade class vessels.
A fireball was also seen to hit the Mantis class vessel. The heavy catapult
on the base fired with little effect.
        The scro vessels moved slowly closer to base and began exchanging
fire with our own warmachines.  The Scro's 2 remaining Blade class vessels
pulled away at this time,  disappearing into the astroid field.  This left
one Mantis class vessel,  one Scorpion Class vessel,  and two Galleon class
vessels.  They appeared to possess standard armament,  except for the
Scorpion,  which had replaced it's heavy catapult in the tail section with
a bombard.  The Scro commander was professional,  he refused to close
within range of our light ballistae,  which only allowed our 2 medium
ballista to return the Scro fire.  After several minutes of fire,  the scro
managed to knock out one of those medium ballistae.
        Then,  the two Blades returned,  following another Galleon class
vessel armed with somesort of arrow catapult on the underneath.  These
fired upon our heavy catapults position with little effect.  The Galleon
then positioned itself so as to block the fire of our ballistae as the
Blades attacked the Heavy Catapult position with their Fire projectors.
Their attack was succesful in killing or wounding most of the catapult
crew,  but I managed to destroy both Blades with a well place fireball.
The Catapult remained functional,  but uncrewed.  The Galleon which blocked
the fire of our ballistae was swept by fire from the ballistae and
longbowmen,  inflicting sever crew losses but inflicting little damage on
the ship itself.
        Undermanned and lacking the blades to protect,  the Galleon moved
back into the safety of the astroid field.  I attempted to recrew the heavy
catapult,  but the position was swept by fire from the medium Ballistae of
the Scro vessels.  Within moments all of my light Ballistae were crewless,
as was the heavy catapult.  This left me with only one crewed medium
ballista.  The Scro Mantis vessel attemptted to advance into what it
percieved to be a hole in our fields of fire and land troops.  I had
stationed one company of Marines (with boarding spears) and three mages
here for just such an eventuality.  The mages swept the deck of the Mantis
with Fireball and Magic Missile spells,  inflicting severe crew damage.
The Scro Warpriests abroad the mantis replied in kind, decimating the
Marine company.  Only one Elven mage survived this exchange.
        The losses inflicted upon the Mantis crew,  as well as the obvious
fact that a company of Marine Longbowmen still waited within the towers
(ready to fire when targets presented themselves and protected from the
artillery fire of the Scro vessels), persuaded the Scro commander to
abandon the assault.  before leaving,  however,  he took the time to
carefully destroy my warmachines with his medium ballistae.  He and his
vessels then retreated into the astroid field for the final time.  The
"Darnnanon" arrived on time and her crew immediately began to help with the

Casualties:60 Imperial Marines,  140 Militia troops,  10 Imperial sailors,
6 officers dead or seriously wounded.  1 Dragonfly and 2 flitter class
vessels destroyed.  1 heavy catapult,  2 medium Ballistae,  and 3 light
Ballistae destroyed.  The fortifications stood up well to the scro
warmachines.  Only minor repairs are required.
Enemy Losses(estimated): 70 scro,  40 orcs,  5 officers dead or wounded.  3
Blade vessels destroyed.  1 Mantis and 1 Galleon class vessel lightly

Reccomendations:All bases should have at least ten flitters,  with two in
space at any one time.  All light ballista mounts should be replaced with
medium ballistae.  The Rof is the same,  and the additional damage
capability and range make up for the increased crew needs.  The Scro used
their medium Ballistae very effectively.  All warmachine mounts on astroid
bases should have increased shielding against personal attacks. The Scro
showed an intimate knowledge not only of the Base defences,  but also of
our resupply schedule.  It was obvious the Scro commander knew he had less
than one day before reinforcements would arrive.  This indicates either
a)excellant reconnaisence by the scro or b)a scro spy within sindspace
headquarters.  I suggest actions be taken to eliminate both threats. Though
we managed to hold off the Scro assault we suffered heavier casualties and
only succeeded because they advanced their Mantis prematurely.  next time
we will not be so lucky.

(note from Admiral Glindorie at bottom of report)
have Captain Syndrial demoted to lieutenant and replace him as Base
Commander with an Imperial Elven Navy officer.

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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