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From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Wed, 16 Oct 1996 22:47:05 -0400
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster: Uramatsu
Not every Samurai traveling the spheres need be from Toril.  With the
exploration of the stars, the Kara-Tur people have left their mark.
 Countless cultures, communities, races and inhabited asteroids reside in the
Inner Ring of the Astromundi Cluster.  This is one of them.

Type: Irregular, earth.
Size: (C) 320 miles long by 160 miles wide.
Population: 22,000
Primary Inhabitants: 65% Shou Lung Human, 33% Wa Human, 2% Xixchil.
Natural Resources: Silk, Rice, Wood, Finished Wooden Goods, Spices, Crafted
Imports: Raw Materials, Meats, Metals.
     Seen from Orbit: Uramatsu appears to be an irregular oval asteroid that
is flat enough to be inhabited on both sides of the gravity plane.  The
"upper" side is dominated by Mt. Ichia which is surrounded by forests and
rice farms.  The spelljammer port city of Nagai lies on the rim.  The "under"
side features the vast (90 miles in diameter in some places) Lake To-Ki.   On
its shore lies Sho-Shing, a fishing town and port for water-bound
spelljamming ships.  Near the center of To-Ki is the Island of the Celestial
Temple.  Its crystal towers sparkling in the sunlight.  Uramatsus' gravity
plane is on the same level as most of the rest of
the asteroids in the Inner Ring and so the sun is never overhead on either
side, but circles around the horizon.
     Description:  Almost 200 years ago, a small fleet of Shou Lung ships
entered the Astromundi Cluster due to a navigation error in the phlogiston
and we unable to leave.  By chance they happened up a group of Wa explorers
that had arrived a few years before.  Together, they staked out an abandoned,
lifeless asteroid in the Inner Ring.  Atmosphere was marginal and water
non-existent.  But the industrious Shou used their combined wealth to
purchase a glacier-sized chunk of ice from the Thoric and a large variety of
plant seedlings from the elves.  Within years, the turned the surface of the
barren asteroid into a paradise.  Shipping in the Inner Ring has always been
lucrative, but the advantage of silk from worms that had been preserved over
the journey was a great advantage (the only other supplier of silk is a
colony of drow who produce spider silk at a high price).  The great ice chunk
the lake To-Ki and the Uramatsu merchants kept an eye out for any favorable
fish species in the sphere to stock it with.  During this time, a small group
of Xixchil earned the friendship of the people with their skills as healers,
tatoo artists, and their willingness to adapt to Kara-Tur laws and customs.
     Over time, the elves were impressed with what the Uramatsu accomplished
and provided (for a heavy fee) passage from the sphere so that supplies from
Kara-Tur could be obtained.  This was the start of the true prosperity of
Uramatsu and its darkest days.  The resources and information brought back
greatly benefited the colony; stock fish for food and sale, fresh silkworms,
rare woods and spices to be planted. Some specialists seeking a new life
returned also, providing training in crafts, martial arts, and other valuable
skills.  The plans for the Tsunami class ship was "somehow" obtained along
with the Locust ship design
(The ninja clan responsible are an honored family on Uramatsu).  Over four
dozen locust have been constructed by the Uramatsu over the years, but
completion of the Tsunami is still awaited.
     Not everything brought back from Toril was a boon.  At least one
oriental vampire and an unassociated group of werefox made the return
journey.  They have plagued the inhabitance since.  And with the new riches
that started entering the Inner Ring markets, greedy eyes fell upon Uramatsu.
 Illithid and Varan spies attempted a covert take-over of the bureaucratic
government.  This plan backfired when a yakuza clan discovered someone
attempting to infiltrate their organization.  Soon after, raids from Scro
terrified the local population.  Samurai and ninja worked together to repel
the invaders and the neogi-imposed policies soon forced the raiders out of
the Inner Ring.
     Today, the Asteroid-Island of Uramatsu is a paradise with hidden
dangers.  Outsiders, even humans, are not generally unwelcome due to the
Varans' treachery.   Shukenja, Sohei and monks revere the philosophy of The
Path and The Way instead of the native deities.  The
Celestial Temple is a training ground for them, as well as Mystics, Wu Jen
and Samurai.  Ninja, Kensi and Yakuza prefer less obvious training
facilities.  Many local ninja sometimes journey off-world in the service of
the Hidden.  Due to their hatred of the Illithids and Varans, some have even
begun to tutor the Hidden in their deadly skills (this is a dangerous
act of generosity since the Ninja elders would punish the sharing of their
clan secrets with death).
     Patrols commonly consist of several Bushi lead by a Samurai.  A Wu Jen
and a monk are also present.  One of the Bushi may have ninja skills or be a
genin (single classed ninja) in disguise.  The nation as a whole possesses
about fourteen Dragonships, seven Viperships, forty-nine loctus, and two
squidships (captured from the Varans).  Construction of the Tsunami should be
finished in about three years and the colony will feel much safer at that
time (they put little faith in the Trade-laws of the savage neogi).
     Relations: Uramatsu is on excellent terms with the Elves of Avarien, the
Thoric, the Dwarves of Chakarak, most Lizard-Men and Xixchil and the Calidian
Hidden.  Varan are considered enemies if they are associated with Illithids.
 Any Illithid ship approaching Uramatsu had better be ready for a fight.  The
neogi are distrusted, but their laws in the Inner Ring are obeyed (with the
exception of attacking Illithid ships, which the neogi seem to overlook).
 The Antilans are seen as little better than the Varans or Illithids due to
their slave practices and a few unpleasant run-ins with Priests of Gelanicus
during the early years.
     Sources/Reference Material: Oriental Adventures Book, Kara-Tur Boxed
Set, Dragon issues #121 ("Whaddya mean, Jack the Samurai?", and The Genin),
#189 (The Other Orientals),  #195 (So you want to be a Samurai), Realmspace
or War Captain's Companion: Ship Recognition Manual (Dragonship, Tsunami,
Locust), Compete Fighter's Handbook
(Samurai kit, Martial Arts), Complete Wizard's Handbook (Mystic and Wu Jen
kits), Complete Priest's Handbook (Fighting-Monk), Complete Ninja's Handbook.

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