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From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Sun, 13 Oct 1996 15:06:16 -0400
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster: NPC Neogi
Below is an NPC and his henchmen that I used in my AC campaign.  It is a way
to get the players a ship is they cannot find another way to get one (such as
signing on with a merchant house).

Vulgron (Neogi Merchant/Mage)
AC 3 (Stone Skin for 8 hits), MV 6, HD 5, HP 40, THAC0: 15, claws 1d4/1d4,
bite 1d6 + slow poison, KNOWN SPELLS: Magic Missile (3 missiles), Shocking
"Bite", Charm Person, Enlarge (usually on Umber
Hulk), ESP, Web, Stinking Cloud, Vampiric Touch, Hold Person, Black
Tentacles.  Vulgron also wears an amulet of spell turning.

Umber Hulk AC 2 (Stone Skin for 6 hits), MV 6, br 1, HD 8+8, hp 68, THAC0:
11, Claws 3d4/3d4, Bite 1d10 + paralytic poison bite , SPECIAL ATTACK: gaze
causes confusion,  Vulgron has hollowed out his mandibles so that they can
hold one dose of poison.  Vulgron's tatoos of ownership are etched into the
forehead and cheast.

     Vulgron is a strange neogi that is a little too friendly for comfort.
 His constant smile shows his sharp teeth and pieces of his last meal.  His
hide is covered with metal piercings indicating that he has closed many
business deals in the past.  He is always looking for a profit in anything he
does (nothing is for free, but if he really wants something else from the
party, it will be very cheap).
     Vulgron may offer the party the use (for rent) of a ship; tradesman with
minor helm.  (He is not concerned about the PC's stealing it since he has
Wizard Mark on it in several places and can locate it with
Magic Mirror at any  time.  If anyone steals his property he hires assassins
to go after them.  He also has invisible explosive runes on the hull which
are only triggered if the ship enters the phlogiston.)  Rental on the ship is
500gp per month, plus 10% of any profits from its use. Vulgron may also hire
PC's for various missions throughout the Cluster but will warn them to not
betray him or leave the cluster (if they should find a way).  He has the PC's
sign a contract that says nothing about a promise to return the ship, but
rather; if they break theircontract that their owner/relatives/benefactors
cannot seek retribution or legal revenge against he for what happens the PC's
(this should be a hint).  He always insists on sealing each contract by
exchanging body piercing
with the leader of the party (Bottem of Page 14 in The Celestial Almanac).
Vulgron can provide provides the rings for a mere gold piece each.

Other spells Vulgron has access to include: Detect Magic, Identify, Mending,
Read Magic, Wizard Mark,  Hypnotic Pattern, Locate Object, Misdirection,
Wizard Lock, Knock, Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic, Explosive
Runes, Non-Detection, Suggestion, Charm Monster, Detect Scrying, Illusionary
Wall, Magic Mirror, Stoneskin, Vacancy.

The Elements of Suprise, A group of assassins that Vulgarian gathered and
trained to work together as his agents.  He  paid a xixchil to make several
"modifications" on these agents.

* A Lizard-Man fighter with the ability to "spit" a water weird 1/day and
breath like a decanter of endless water. If killed, this power is lost since
the magic from the original item has been transfered to special organs in the
Lizard-Mans mouth.

* An Antilan Flame (Fire Elementalist) Fifth Level Mage with potion of flame
breath.  Spells: Burning Hands (x2), Sleep, Taunt, Pyrotechnics, Flaming
Sphere, Web (he loves to set them on fire with victems trapped
inside), Fireball, Flame Arrow.  His mask has the symbol of a Sunburst and is
magially grafted to his face.  It also allows him to cast Fire Shield (hot
version) once per day.  If removed, the mask looses its magical

* A Half Grav/Half Dwarf Thief with the powers of a Grav.  His left hand has
been replaced with a cockatrice claw which upon a sucessfull hit causes
Petrification unless the target makes a saving throw.  Again if he is killed
the "limb" looses it's properties.  He is very carful not to touch himself
with the claw since he is not immune to its effect.  He has gray skin (Stone
Skin for 7 hits cast upon him).

* A female Varan Wind (Air Elementalist) Fifth Level Mage with a pair of
winged grafted onto her back (they were removed from an Avorial Elf that
Vulgron captured).  Spells:  Feather Fall, Wall of Fog, Magic Missile
(x2), Levitate, Gust of Wind, Stinking Cloud, Lightning Bolt (x2).

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