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From:     Eugene Shumu1insky <static@??.???.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 11 Oct 1996 09:55:07 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster Potions
In our last episode, TLHawkins@???.com said:


>Gravity Walk Potion:  This potion allows the drinker to stand on and walk
>across a gravity plane as if on a solid floor.  Whenever the drinker
>encounters a gravity field, he/she can right himself and stand as easily as
>someone lying on the floor stands up.  The imbiber cannot chose to pass
>through the gravity plane and falling damage may occur if struck with enough

	This got me thinking.  What if you fed this potion to something big,
like a horse, and then had it "pull" a small ship, like a flitter, would
it actually be able to generate and force against the gravity plane?  A
better question might be, are gravity planes "attached" to whatever
generates them, or are they "projected"?  (i.e.  If you're standing
on a gravity plane, and pull on the ship, is it treated as if you were
standing on the ground trying to pull a house, or a wagon?)  I hope that
made sense.  (Aren't there boots, or something, that do the same thing?)


>Helmsman Potion:  This potion allows a non-spell casting individual to
>spelljam as if there were a spell caster with a full compliment of spells
>memorized.  The potion allows the drinker to spelljam for a number of hours
>equal to his/her constitution.  At the end of that time the 'jammer is
>exhausted and suffers a -4 to hit, proficiency checks and on saving throws
>until he has rested for eight hours.

	Cool idea, but at what level will this non-mage pilot the ship?  I
personally would say as a first level mage.  Non-mages piloting ships at
their own level may get a bit unbalanced.  Then again, if these potions were
rare enough, maybe it wouldn't... (:


>Mind-Poison:  This potion lowers the intelligence of the drinker by 1d6
>points for the duration of the potion (10% permanent effect), but makes the
>brain poisonous to illithids.  If an illithid consumes the brain of a
>creature under the effect of this potion, it must make a saving throw vs
>death magic at -4 or dies (no magic resistance roll).  If the illithid
>survives, it looses 3d6 hit points and a like number of PSP's.  Used by the
>Calidian Hidden as a last resort or in assassination plots.

	Cool idea!

>Psionic Reflection:  This potion reflects psionic effects directed at the
>drinker back at the attacker.  Only psionic abilities that are be targeted on
>the drinker are affected.  It however makes directed psionic abilities
>impossible to use by the imbiber for the duration of the potion.  Directed
>psionics is any that has an area of effect other than "personal".

	Is it a "magical" potion, or a non-magical "psionic" potion?  There
was a discussion on another mailing list about whether psionics and magic
can interact, at least outside of direct physical means (i.e. using magically
summonded water to put out a psionically started fire).  I'm not attempting
to start that discussion, I just wanted to bring up something else to think

>Psionic Resistance Potion:  Any non-psionic individual that drinks this
>potion is immune to psionic attacks of all types until the potion wears off.

	See above.


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