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Month Index: October, 1996

From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Thu, 10 Oct 1996 23:26:15 -0400
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster Potions
Additional potions found in the Astromundi Cluster

The following potions are for sale by most Arcane in the Astromundi Cluster
and provide a good fall back for the race in a sphere were access to
spelljamming helms are relatively common.  Note that some races (illithids
mostly) take offence to the purchase and sale of certain potions.  Protests
have been filed with the Neogi Trade and Commerce Commision to no avail.
 Unless otherwise stated, the duration of potions is 4+1d4 turns.  All sales
are final, no refunds extended.

Extended Breath Potion:  This potion allows the drinker to survive without
air for 1d4+1 days.

Gravity Walk Potion:  This potion allows the drinker to stand on and walk
across a gravity plane as if on a solid floor.  Whenever the drinker
encounters a gravity field, he/she can right himself and stand as easily as
someone lying on the floor stands up.  The imbiber cannot chose to pass
through the gravity plane and falling damage may occur if struck with enough

Helm Boost:  This potion gives the spelljammer an addition +1 to the SR
movement of the ship and a +1 on initiative rolls for the duration of 2d4
hours or until the drinker stops spelljamming.

Helmsman Potion:  This potion allows a non-spell casting individual to
spelljam as if there were a spell caster with a full compliment of spells
memorized.  The potion allows the drinker to spelljam for a number of hours
equal to his/her constitution.  At the end of that time the 'jammer is
exhausted and suffers a -4 to hit, proficiency checks and on saving throws
until he has rested for eight hours.

Immunity to Confusion:  The drinker is immune to the confusion effects of
umber hulks for the duration of the potion.

Mind-Poison:  This potion lowers the intelligence of the drinker by 1d6
points for the duration of the potion (10% permanent effect), but makes the
brain poisonous to illithids.  If an illithid consumes the brain of a
creature under the effect of this potion, it must make a saving throw vs
death magic at -4 or dies (no magic resistance roll).  If the illithid
survives, it looses 3d6 hit points and a like number of PSP's.  Used by the
Calidian Hidden as a last resort or in assassination plots.

Psionic Reflection:  This potion reflects psionic effects directed at the
drinker back at the attacker.  Only psionic abilities that are be targeted on
the drinker are affected.  It however makes directed psionic abilities
impossible to use by the imbiber for the duration of the potion.  Directed
psionics is any that has an area of effect other than "personal".

Psionic Resistance Potion:  Any non-psionic individual that drinks this
potion is immune to psionic attacks of all types until the potion wears off.

>You must be new to the list, Terry. Otherwise you'd know the can of
>worms that you've opened with this one. ;) Good thoughts though.

(Sorry, I had not idea "psionics" could affect the minds of gamers quite so
strongly.  These are just ideas that I'm willing to share, not my opinion on
how anyone should run their game.  Take what you like and delete the rest.)


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Month Index: October, 1996

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