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From:     Eugene Shumu1insky <static@??.???.????.edu>
Date:     Thu, 10 Oct 1996 14:21:08 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Phoenixhawk

	Here is a new ship I recently wrote up.  In my universe, there's
less than twenty of these in existance (they're about 5 years old), but
the number is going up all the time.

	The full HTMLed version is on my page at:

	As usual, comments and complaints welcome... (:


by Static

[Deckplans by Garion (garion@????????????.net)]

     Name: Phoenix Hawk
     Built By: Humans, Elves
     Used By: Humans, Elves
     Tonnage: 40 tons
     Hull Points: 40
     Crew: 16
     Manuever Class: C
     Landing-Land: Yes
     Landing-Water: No
     Armor Rating: 4
     Saves As: Thick Wood
     Power Type: Major or Minor helm
     Ship's Rating: As helmsman
     Standard Armament:
        o 2 Heavy ballistas; Crew: 4 each
        o 3 Medium ballistas; Crew: 2 each
        o 1 Medium catapult; Crew: 3
        o 1 Medium jettison (aft); Crew: 3
        o Piercing/Cone ram
     Cargo Capacity: 25 tons
     Keel Length: 120'
     Beam Length: 25'

The phoenixhawk is a a relatively new addition to the flow rivers. It was
designed by Qualyntilan Esprilalree, the same elf who developed the
shrikeship [1], and the Hummingbird for House Shambrath of Greatspace [2].
Qualyntilan was never happy with the shrikeship, despite its success. The
shrikeship had problems with its piercing ram, which had a habit of breaking
off, and landing gear, which caused landed ships to tip over when the wind

The phoenixhawk addresses the ram problem by removing it all together.
Though plans were made for adding a cone ram [1] [3] to this design, they
were dropped by Qualyntilan during construction due to second thoughts about
the strength of the frame. The open mouthed "head" hints at its intended use
as weapon, but mostly serves as a lookout post or a small garden.

The new landing gear was placed further out and closer to the body for

Apart from being a good solid ship, the phoenixhawk has a lot of deckspace
for a craft its size. The wings, which were strengthened to make it a better
warship, also serve as a foundation for the deck expansion. According to
Qualyntilan, the idea came to him when he saw a gnomish deathglory [1] in
battle, and how the extended weapon platforms gave their gunners an
increased field of fire. Qualyntilan strenthened the design by placing the
weapons onto the ship's solid wings, which gave them additional support and
resistance to combat stresses.


Phoenixhawk crews tend to be varied because the ship hasn't seen much action
in space... yet. They are used as anything from traders to pirates to
planetary defenders, though in small numbers. The elven navy is currently
testing this design as a support vessel for their manowar ships.

Ship Uses

Warship: Like the shrikeship, the phoenixhawk makes an excellent warship.
The lack of a ram hasn't greatly hindered its performance, and the thicker
hull and extra weapons more than make up for its loss.

Adventuring: Adventurers tend to fall in love with this ship. The large
amount of room, and the ability to survive a run-in with some harmful
elements makes it a favorite.

Other Configurations

The only numerous variation, if less than a handful can be called numerous,
is the addition of a cone ram. Heavy structural supports are part of the
original design, and modifying the "head" of the ship to accept the ram is
not a very difficult task. (The addition of a cone ram only costs half as
much because of this.) Contrary to Qualyntilan's early worries, this design
is quite stable.


  1. SJR1 Lost Ships
  2. SJA3 Crystal Spheres
  3. I've always felt that the cone ram, as presented in Lost Ships was
     owerpowered. The new cone ram only does 1 hull point of damage per ten
     tones times SR (instead of 2) and can get stuck like a normal piercing
     ram. Everything else, including price, remains unchanged.



 Static,     |  "Life isn't one damn thing after another.  It's the same
  of the     |   damn thing over and over again."  -SOLOMON SHORT
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