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From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Wed, 9 Oct 1996 23:40:40 -0400
Subject:  Re: Using other Setting product in SJ
Yes, I am one of those people that is so addicted the AD&D that I buy all the
stuff that comes out.  I may not use it all, but I have a lot of material to
draw upon when I do run a game.  That really scares my players.  I was
looking through one of the book shelves and thinking how much of this stuff
could be adapted to Spelljammer.  Quite a lot.   For instance:
BIRTHRIGHT:  Imagine asteroids or planetoids that are govened like the
smaller nations in Cerilia.  You could have a small trade nation with
shipping and commerce.  The occasional war or threat of war from elves,
illithids, or neogi would make the Domain Turns intersting.  Endier is a
city-state ruled by a young, clever scemer who must play the various city
guilds against each other to maintain control.  Outside dangers must also be
played off against each other in a balancing act to keep a city with slightly
evil tendencies independent.  That is also a good discription of the Rock of
Bral.  Using these two as a basis of comparison, larger asteroids or
planitoids with multiple provinces can be envisioned floating in a vast
asteriod field.  Trading and shipping guilds compeat in a cut-throat market
infested with mind-reading illithids, property hungry, vicious neogi, and
elves with a supriority complex.  An ambisous DM or player might even create
war cards of dwarven and giff mercenaries to combat the neogis' umber hulks.

REQUIEM:  In the Astromundi Cluster there is an planetoid called the Isle of
the Banshee were powerful undead forces reside and the living that visit
never leave... at least not alive.  Who says that the undead are not
interested in the affairs of the rest of the sphere.  It is possible that a
group of undead would be sent out into the worlds of the living (in a wratih,
antlership, or skeleton ship) to investigate strange occurances, make
neferious deals, or prevent a cataclismic disaster that could threaten the
Isle as well as the other inhabitents of the sphere.  There are plenty of
undead throughout the spheres with great power and not all are evil (arch
lich for example).  Even evil may know nobility (Lord Soth was bad, but he
kept his word once given and he would have made a fine ships captain).  The
possiblities are there for interesting adventure or at least strange NPC's or
unexpected allies.
DARKSUN: After reading the Spelljammer.txt file with a history of the known
spheres, the Thri-Kreen empire was an insperation.  What better source for
information than the Thri-Kreen of Athas book.  If you use psionics, you
almost have to have the Will and the Way.  These two are obvious, but
something that might not be is the adaptation of the Windriders of the Jagged
Cliffs into a complex and thriving Rock Hopper socieity.  Monte Cook went to
alot of work to create a strange and alien culture.  It is a shame to not
explote that fertile (and demented) genious just because we prefer
Spelljammer to Darksun or Planescape.  Steal from the best (as long as you
don't violate copyright enfrengment).
AL-QADIM: I have heard the Sha'ir kicked around in a few Spelljammer games.
 I doubt they could jam since they do not actually learn spells and the
magical potential leached from the spellcasters mind is what really powers a
helm.  Not my first choise for a spellcaster in a SJ campaign, however there
is the Clockwork mage.  That class is the model for my gnomes in the cluster.
 Nothing garners respect faster than a gnomish device that ACTUALLY does
something useful.  Not as crazed as the usual tinker, the cluster gnomes have
a bad attitude and are tired of being everyones fool.  Mechanical songbirds
with no other purpose than to seek out a helm and detinate in a fireball.
 Tin hummingbirds that fire magic missiles.  Mechanical gromman  or dracons
are just the beginning.  And you thought autognomes were the best they could

These ideas are just waiting to be fleshed out and developed (I havn't gotten
that far yet in my game).  I also love to hear of other DM's ideas (that,
after all is the purpose of a list server group).


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