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From:     TLHawkins@???.com
Date:     Thu, 3 Oct 1996 00:08:42 -0400
Subject:  Re: Astromundi Cluster Priesthoods
Below is my opinion of how the AC priesthoods are structured.  I would like
to go back and rate these against the Player's Option: Spells & Magic to see
of they are even, but haven't gotten that far yet.  Would like feed back (no
flames please).   More "stuff" we I get back from Vacation.

Deities and Specialty Priests of the Astromundi Cluster

Pyrax [Antilan Sun God]
This is the chief deity of the Antilans, a suitably hard and angry god.
 Pyrax is represented among his people by the central sun, Firefall.  Pyrax
seldom involves himself in the affairs of his mortal followers, but it is
said that his pleasure or displeasure can be read by the alignment of
Firefall's clusters.  The Antilans refer to the central sun as Pyrax, in
deference to their god, and will take offense others do not do so as well.
AB standard; AL any; WP any type B; AR none; SP all,  charm , combat,
creation, divination, elemental(fire), guardian(minor), healing, necromantic
(minor), Numbers, protection(minor), summoning, sun; PW 1)  survival (hot
environments) non-weapon prof. at no cost; +4 on all turn undead rolls; TU
Turn; SY crown of flame.

Munigur [Calidian God of Peace]
A deity of the Calidians, Munigur wishes peace to be maintained and rewards
those of his followers who strive toward this end.  Priests may spend weapon
proficiency slots to learn martial arts (pages 76-79 of PHRB1) for self
defense.  Priests usually dress in white and tan robes.
AB standard; AL any good; WP staff, sling, hammer, club; AR none; SP all,
animal(minor), charm, divination, guardian, healing, numbers, protection,
sun, thought(minor), weather; PW 5) charm monster; 10) transmute water to
dust or reverse; TU Turn; SY shield.

Gelanicus [Antilan Death Goddess]
Another deity of the Antilans, Gelanicus is the goddess of death.  Whereas
male priests worship Pyrax life-bringer, the female members
of the Antilan priesthood venerate Gelanicus.  Gelanicus is a secondary deity
in the worship of the Antilans.  They are the leaders of the Judicants and
are the ultimate civil law of the Antilan Empire.
AB standard; AL any non-good; WP long sword, dart, hand crossbow, mace
(poison  allowed); AR ceremonial studded leather; SP all, charm, combat,
divination, healing, necromantic, sun(minor); 5) immunity to disease and
poison; 10) speak with dead; TU Turn or Command; SY skull .

Seltain [God of Darkness]
The manifestation of evil is worshipped almost exclusively by the Varan, but
Seltain is a god whose worshippers are deserting him.  The Varan who formerly
hold him in highest esteem are now in service to the illithids, who
discourage Seltain's religion.  The Varan not strongly allied with the
illithids no longer worship Seltain.  They believe the illithids are
responsible for too many misfortunes. The neogi, who previously had no gods,
may have begun to worship Seltain also.  Even some Lizard-Men have been
swayed the forked tongue of this evil deity.
AL standard; AL any evil; WP short sword, dagger, whip, mace, scounge, short
bow (poison allowed); AR scale, shield; SP all, animal(minor), charm, combat,
guardian, healing(minor), necromantic (minor, reversed), summoning, sun
(reversed), thought(minor); PW 1) backstab as a thief of equal level; 5)
immune to all poisons and diseases; 10) attract 1d4 Minion of Seltain (Minion
of Set) as loyal followers; TU Command; SY hooded serpent.

Hordent [Thoric God of Strength]
Hordent is the Cluster's deity of combat and strength.  He is the perfect
representation of the brave Thoric, and is worshipped wherever that race
travels.  His priests must be brave, friendly, and honest.  A rare dwarf or
Calidian will be found among Hordent's priesthood.
AL str 16+; AL any non-evil; WP any type B, warhammer 1st; AR any; SP all,
charm (minor), combat, guardian, elemental, healing, protection, sun, war,
weather; PW 1) may specialize (by spending weapon proficiency slots as a
fighter) in warhammer; 9) may receive lightning bolt (wizard 3rd) as a fifth
level priest spell; TU Turn; SY hammer.

Tradifos [Protector of Wildspace Travelers]
A deity of the traveling Calidians, who is venerated as the god of wild
space.  Tradifos is said to be the protector of those who travel through
space, as long as they protect wildspace from the incursions of evil.
 Priests must keep on the move or station themselves in a busy port town.
 Priests wear black robes with star patterns sewn into the material.
AB con 14+; AL any good; WP any type B; AR any leather or chain; SP all,
animal,  charm, divination, elemental, guardian, healing, necromantic
(minor), plant(minor), thought(minor), travelers; PW 1) create water or
create air; bonus NWP wildspace navigation; 5) adaptation (as the necklace,
but is cast by touch and lasts for 3 hours per level; TU Turn; SY ship.

Yul [God of the Afterlife and Wealth]
Worshipped by the Thoric, representing both death and wealth.  This deity
perfectly summarizes the difficult Thoric lifestyle wherein one must risk the
one to get the other.  Priests of Yul are not particularly favored by the
Thoric, but are respected as is the god they serve.
AB standard; AL any neutral; WP any type B; AR any; SP all, charm, creation,
divination, healing, necromantic, protection, summoning, time; PW 1)
infravision 30'; 3) darkness 15' R; 9) death touch (save vs death magic,
1/day); 11) regenerate 1 hp per round; TU Turn; SY mummified hand clutching

Fiira [Guardian of the Oppressed]
Fiira is a relatively new deity, with only a few worshippers, but he is
rapidly gaining popularity among the oppressed slaves of the Antilans.
 Fiira's priests must aid those victimized by criminals.
AB con 14+; AL lg, ng; WP any type B; AR any; SP all, animal, charm, combat,
creation, divination(minor), elemental, healing, protection, sun; PW 1) bonus
NWP Endurance; light; 14) when a reincarnate spell is cast the die roll can
be altered by +/- 10%; fire breath (may learn a fire version of 4th level
wizard spell cone of cold as a 7th level priest spell); TU Turn; SY sunburst.

Chodak [Dwarven God of Battle and Mining]
The leaders of dwarven communities are often priests or priestesses of
Chodak.  They would be indistinguishable from warrior dwarves were it not for
the holy symbol on their shields.  Males (and some females) take great pride
in their beards.
AB str 14+; AL lg, ng; WP battle axe (1st), hammer, crossbow, short sword; AR
any; SP all, combat, elemental(earth), guardian, healing (minor), law,
protection, sun(minor), war; PW 1) command (1/day/level); 5) strength; 9) may
use one triple damage axe blow per day; TU Turn; SY shovel.

Lugribossk [Illithid God of Dominance]
The priests of illithids keep their dealings secret, even from other
illithids.  They weed out the weak (not adhering to strict lawful evil is
considered weak) and they seek to increase the standing  of  the illithid
race while decreasing the power of others.  They keep the mind-pools as
breeding stock only, controlling the illithid population completely.
AB wis 16+; AL le: WP any; AR none; SP all, astral, charm, divination, law,
sun(rev), thought, time; PW none; TU nil; SY mind- flayer head.

Reqis/Wajek [God of Combat/Goddess of the Hunt]
Elven priests must decide which aspect they follow when they begin.
  Although the two priesthoods may appear to be different, they share the
same shrines and speak the same prayers.   There is an even split between
male and female priests following each aspect.
AB dex 14+; con 12+; AL ng, cg; WP bows, dagger, long sword, spear; AR
leather or chain; SP all, animal, divination (minor), elemental, healing,
necromantic(minor), plant, sun, weather; PW 1) weapon specialization in spear
(Reqis) or long bow (Wajek); 5) speak with animals; 9) +1 on con (Reqis) or
dex (Wajek); TU nil; SY spear and bow.

Sstas [The Red Scaled God]
There are so few priests of Sstas, that they are assumed to be non-existent
to the non-lizardmen.  Priests oversee the  hatching of eggs and will guard
them with their life.  Some priests from Sstas have began adventuring to
bring back resources and information to their
people which may help in their long-term survival in the sphere.
AB con 14+; AL n; WP any non-metal; AR hide or plant fiber only; SP all,
animal (affects reptiles/reptile-like creatures), combat(minor), elemental,
healing (minor), plant, time(minor), weather(minor); TU nil; SY hourglass.

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