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From:     ADEPT@???.com
Date:     Mon, 23 Sep 1996 20:32:57 -0400
Subject:  Re: SJ on Worlds (was Re: Size of Fleets)
In a message dated 96-09-23 07:41:24 EDT, you write:

<< 	Winds can go at 280mph?!?!  (I'm not denying it, it's just a
 surprise... (: )

 There have been several hurcanes that have been clocked at 280+ mph.
Surprise is an under statment I was doing some research about what some
players would find on the plane of Air and I found out some amazing things.
Like in two instences  there was a a chickens egg embeaded in a telephone
pole un broken and unharmed and another was when a piece of straw pearced a
cinderblock. Now I thought that was kind of impresive.

 Modern buildings have a hard time with winds in the
 100+mph range, so I doubt that a galleon, or a wasp or just about anything
 could handle that kind of stress.  *Especially* the wasp.  Also,
 spelljammers aren't designed for atmospheric flight/sailing.  See
 _Wildspace_ (the first module) for more on that.  The best ship for
 atmospheric flight, IMO, would be a long range groundling sailing
 vessel, like the galleon.

 To your first question that may be true, but gallons have survived extream
high winds with very little harm. As too the second or maybe a hammership or
other  simmilar enclosed ship.

 >>As both know where the advanatge lies the trick is to
 >>"bring the enemy to you".

 	(:  Though I've noticed that this works better in computer games than
against players/gms...

 True. But it happens all the time in real life. The falucklands air war for

 >Yeah,  those are more good points.  I admit I changed the speed because of
 >strategic/operational reasons as well- I wanted to decrease the advantages
 >of SJ ships in long distance movement a bit as well.

 	I put a limit of SR3, raised or lowered by winds, etc., as the
 top speed instead of changing SR.

 >I have a few tinker gnome players in my game,
 >and my general rule of thumb is that if it reminds me of DaVinci's
 >drawings,  it's possible,  but if it reminds me of Top Gun,  it will always

 	You have "a few" tinker gnomes?  I havn't seen a player run one
 sinse about a year after Draglance Adventures came out... (:

 -Static >>

This reminds me of a discussion on a different list.  Does magic
 *replace* technology?  If it does, then why isn't it *used* more.  For
 instance, where is the communication network (phones)?  Personal
 transportation (cars)?  Indoor plumbing and water (bathrooms)?  If magic
 is used to produce weapons (ei. things that players like to do damage
 with), why isn't it used to raise the quality of life for all (ei. misc.
 things for NPCs)?

 	But, this discussion is starting to drift (again) towards un-SJ
 topics.  The above paragraph is just there to help put things in perspective
 and stimulate thought.  I am *not* trying to start a discussion on magic
 (yet again)... (:

 Hoping this thread will drift back to a more SJ-like existance.

Sweet water and light laughter until next
Morereg Professor of Magic
Evereska College of Magic and Arms.

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