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Month Index: September, 1996

From:     RJPUGH@???.net
Date:     Thu, 19 Sep 1996 12:50:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: POR in Win'95... not.
Hi gang.

Simply put, Pirates of Realmspace won't work on Windows 95.  It
has something to do with the memory routines the game uses.  This
is actually a common problem with some older games and multimedia
programs; they write directly to the video memory, and W95's GUI
won't allow that.

Personally, I use a DOS 6.22 boot disk when I know I'm going to
run older programs, like POR.  Sure, it's inconvienent, but a
clumsy solution is better than none at all... I guess.  If you
have an old DOS boot disk laying around (I think POR needs 5.0 or
higher), boot your machine from that as opposed to W95.  I have
been able to run POR in W95 Dos mode, but it's very unstable, so
I don't recommend it.

That being said, if anyone out there *has* made POR work normally
through the W95 GUI or even in Dos mode, speak up.  I figure if W95
Dos mode can handle Doom-II, POR should have been a pushover, but
apparently not.

And while you're playing the game, I concurr with Eric's advice.
Get your paws on a Hammership or a Man-O-War, and arm it to the teeth.
You're gonna need all the punch you can get when you go up against
those Mindspiders at the end.

Other tips:

-> When engaged in boarding actions against Neogi, take out the
Umber Hulks as quickly as you possibly can.  Just one or two pods of
those critters can wipe out a crew of sixty in very little time.  The
neogi themselves aren't much of a threat; pick them off at your

-> When engaging undead, have lots of magical weapons and spells
handy, because most of the swine are immune to normal weapons.  if
you see any Vampires, Raiths or Revenats, have your mage hurl some
painful spells at them.

-> Finally, if you have a ship crippled, get very close and then
target the crew.  If you're lucky, you'll cut down on the enemy
crew before you grapple and board.  When fighting neogi, this can
make a world of difference.

Incidently, I've never made it to the very end.


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Month Index: September, 1996

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