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Month Index: September, 1996

From:     "Thomas O. Magann Jr." <tomjr@???.com>
Date:     Wed, 18 Sep 96 17:27:49 PDT
Subject:  Re: Silence
>	I have been getting numerous complaints in my mail box specifically about
>you.  Not about the bickering that goes on between Deviant, you and Paul,
>but you and you alone.

So what? Doesn't mean others aren't equally responsible. Look at the last post, before yours that
I responded too. I'm in error, and the idiot can even keep hos facts straight about what happened
on the list.

Just because folks want to blame me for starting something doesn't mean I did, you know.

Maybe you shpould tell them to accept some blame for theuir own actions instead of complaining
when I respond to there posts in a manner simnialar to theirs.

 You often have valuable things to say, but you also
>tend to include a lot of abrasive language that brings out the worst in

Generally in response to simialr language, so let thenm know to stop tioo, before laying it all
off on just one persion, because that person gives as good, or better, than he gets.

 Your style of commentary can be summarized as "I'm right and you're
>wrong," and frankly, people are leaving the list because *you* are ruining
>it for them.

Odd, I thoughtb the same summary could be applied to many of the posts that I respond to. That's
why I respond to many of them, so I know it's true.

And sometmes I am right, you know. L:ook at your comment about disagreeing with my
"interpretation" of permanency. I didn't interpret it, simply wouted it, and pointed out to some
one that it had more to say on a subject than he claimed it did.  Something he said to refute an
earlier post of mine, BTW.

>	The purpose of the Spelljammer list is to have *fun* discussing the
>Spelljammer *setting,* not discussing the fine points of game mechanics or
>posturing from atop a soap box about how well one researches the rule books.
>You seem as much concerned with game mechanics as you are with the setting,
>seeing them as one in the same.  They are not.  Considering that AD&D no
>longer supports Spelljammer, and that several of the people on this list use
>the setting in different game systems and not AD&D, letting this list fall
>apart over the mechanics of the AD&D rules is pointless.  Take your crusade
>to the rpg advocacy newsgroup.

My "crusade" is to have them and you give me the same courtesy you claim I'm not giving. I'm told
I'm wrong for using the rules as written. I've *never* said someone is wrong for not doing so.

It rather seems that I'm they very one your argument is defending. Yet I'm the one being taken to
task. Odd.

>	I know that you're not the one who starts the flame fights.  I'm well aware
>that Deviant is the one who usually starts the offending threads. But your
>responses and comments are like pouring kerosine onto his little fires.  I
>know that's not how you see it, but that's how you are coming across.  You
>obviously don't know the damage you're doing.

So, for responding, I'm being dumped, and the ones doing the starting are remaining. This part I
have to post to the list. It shows that you *know* your punishing folks less than even handedly,
and don't care, and rather supports other comments I've made to the list about you, doesn't it?

>	I imagine you're thinking "Why are you yelling at me and not Deviant?"
>That's quite simple.  I've only received three complaints about him over the
>last two months.  I've received 34 complaints about you in the last two
>*weeks.* That says to me that collectively, the list wants you to shut your

So it really doesn't matter who's at fault, just who's unpopular. Right. You'll kiss ass on this
list, but I won't, so I'm dumped. I understand.

>	The other day you implied that I don't know how to run my listserv. I've
>been running this list for over four years, even before it was a listserv.
>I think I know how to run a list, thank you.

You didn't read what I wrote in that post, either, I said you didn't seem to understand certain
things. NOW I'm saying you don't know how to run it, as you admit that you're punishing based on
popularity and not fault.

  The best way to deal with a
>"problem poster" is to do what I'm doing now.  This is the first time I've
>had to tell someone to shut up for being irritating, but I'm going to do
>what's best for the list, and for the continued (informal) support of the
>Spelljammer setting.  You have become a threat to both.

I see. I'm the problem, for not taking the crap from others, but the ones you admit are actuall
staring the crap aren't the problem.

Interesting view of things.

>	I'm going to make an example of you, Mr. Magann.  I'm silencing you. You
>can continue to read the list, but you are not to comment or contribute for
>the remainder of this calendar year.  If you do, I'll kick you off, no
>matter what you say.  If I ever hear that you're taking issue and causing
>friction in personal email over something that is said on this list, I'll
>still kick you off.

Given that you feel you have the right to police my private email, I can assume that you won't
mind if your private post gets sent to this, or any other list or persion I care to send it to.

Interesting how only a tiny little list gives you control of others private mail.

I'm going to tell the list that I've done this, as a
>warning to anyone else who wants to start causing trouble.  I'm normally a
>very patient man, but you ran mine out. And for the record, if Deviant (or
>anyone else) continues being a pain, they will get the same treatment.
>Those 34 complaints earned you the "honor" of being the first.
>	After today, I don't want to see your name in my mailbox until January.
>Don't think for a minute that I'm bluffing.  This is a privately run
>listserv, and not an open newsgroup.  I do have the right to dismiss you,
>and if pushed I will do it.  Do I make myself clear?

Yes, but you don't have the right to make demands about my personal email. I wonder how your
postmaster will treat that. Probably allow it, but who cares. Certainly not you.

Thank You For Your Time,

Thomas O Magann Jr

<tomjr@???.com> or my back-up: <TMagann@???.com>

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