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Month Index: September, 1996

From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@???.net>
Date:     Wed, 18 Sep 1996 20:08:00 -0400
Subject:  Re: PSA from the List Administrator
Hi gang.

	I have been running this list, in its various forms, for roughly four
years, but this is the first time I've had to act like a tyrant.  Citing the
fact that I've received 34 personal messages complaining about him, I have
silenced Thomas Magann.  Any post he makes between now and January will be
his last.  He can lurk, and nothing more.  If any of you get personal
messages from him taking issue about something you said on the list, please
forward a copy of his message to me, and I'll still kick him off.  When I
told him to be quiet, I meant it.
	While Mister Magann is the most consistent offender in this regard, he's
not the only one on this list who likes to cause trouble.  If anyone else
wants to start a flame war, or take a similarly obnoxious self-righteous
stance, what happened to Magann will happen to you.  I'm not going to
mention any other names in this regard, but you know who you are, so
consider this a warning.
	Another thing I want to ask it that people please refrain from these one
and two sentence "me too" type postings.  I've been getting complaints about
this as well.  A lot of you have been sending messages that are clearly
intended for one person alone, like "where is this URL" or "what do you want
to know."  Please send the message to that one person, and not the list.
Some of us have quotas on incoming mail, or some other restraint.
Personally, I just find it irritating to get a series of messages where the
signature files are longer than the messages themselves.
	I have one final request, and this is pretty minor.  If your mail program
will allow it, please edit out the "[Spelljammer:####]" and "Re: Re: Re:
Re:" stuff from the subject line when making a post.  A lot a mail programs,
especially older ones, chop the subject line after ten or twelve characters.
If you can edit the subject line down to the actual topic, as opposed to an
excessive strings of "Re:"'s, then please do so.  It would be nice to
control this at the source, but Leicester is putting them there, so it's
apparently part of the system software.  Ergo, we're stuck with it (for now
at least).  If you're shifting or changing the subject of a thread, then
please post with a new subject line.  It will just make it easier for people
to keep track of things.  If you can't control the subject lines, then don't
worry about it.  This is something that some people have no control over,
but let's control it when and where we can.
	There, I have said my peace.  Let's but this whole mess behind us and get
back to Spelljamming.  This listserv has lasted a lot longer than I thought
it would have, largely because it has been a productive one, more so than
some of the other frp listserves.  People with good ideas have come here to
share them, and in so doing, Spelljammer has developed a small, but
fanatically loyal following.  Many, such as Static and his GURPS-SJ project,
have adapted the setting for other game systems, thus giving it another
lease on life.
	That being said, on to other things.

	I dug out my notes for the next episode of the "Eternal Wanderer" saga, and
Eric and I are discussing it off line.  With luck a new Spelljammer fan-fic
will hit the web by the holidays, but I make no hard promises.  You see, I
also write Star Trek fan fiction, and maintain several web sites, so I'm
spreading myself a little thin, but that's nothing new.
	Speaking of web sites, I'm in the process of changing my ISP, so my
Spelljammer web site will be moving.  A relay documenent will be in place
for a while after I change things, so you can update your bookmarks
accordingly.  I'm also going to losen up my policy about linking to the
place.  Since the web search robots always find it anyway, no matter what
repellents I put in there, there isn't much point in my hiding the place any
more.  I'll still get upset if it gets actively broadcasted all over the
Internet, though, so I'm selecting the open secret method.  let's keep it a
low key thing.
	If my site and/or Static's gets axed, we all lose, including, sooner or
later, TSR (in the form of more bitter, lost clientele).  Aggressive
broadcasting can bring that result.  Everyone remember what happened to
Morpheus some time back?  I don't think any of us want that to happen to the
spelljammer sites.  My new linking policy will be included on the main
document at the new site, so stay tuned.  I'm currently waiting for my new
ISP to send me the material I need to get set up.  They are certainly taking
their time with it.
	Hey!  Patriot Net!  Wake up!  Give me the damn disks!
	Oops, caffeene buzz.
	Changing my ISP will also result in my list administrator address being
changed.  I'll let everyone know when Leicester finally get around to doing
that.  You'll like the address I'll be using.  :)
        There, now I'm finished.  I hope I haven't scared too many people.

Richard Pugh
Administrator, Spelljammer listserv.
|Richard J. Pugh, MLS          | Traveling Eternity Road,             |
| RJPugh@???.net               |   What will you find there?          |
| rjpugh@???.com               | Carrying your heavy load,            |
| PUGH.RICHARD@???????.???.gov |   Searching to find, a peace of mind |
|  |   - The Moody Blues                  |

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