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Month Index: September, 1996

From:     "Thomas O. Magann Jr." <tomjr@???.com>
Date:     Mon,  9 Sep 96 19:52:51 PDT
Subject:  Re: Tohr-Kreen and the Origin of the Species
>Well so we've established that the race could either get out or get in.
>You've already given your opinion on the idea of the race originating on
>Athas, now examine the other possibility.

I did that already. Please read my posts if you are going to coment on them.
I looked at the likelyhood from both directions.

>What remains of the magical ability of the Juna? As of the end of the
>Cloakmaster Cycle, nothing. And again, their empire was far more vast
>than that of the Thri-Kreen. It is not impossible. But regardless, I
>wish to examine the other probablility.

A magic wand, an old base, possibly the Spelljammer itself.....

>> I thought so. Don't you?

Odd. The amount of probabilty mathmatics, and genetics I learned in high
school 20 years ago makes the point clear.

>> Add that to the Thrikeen habit of killing their young, and non viable kids
>> the colony won't be around to breed, but the ones with unique abilities
>> aid survival would.
>> Result: Thrikeen different from all their brethren in the rest of the
>> universe, where the TK can afford to kill ANY children that are different,
>> without worrying about the race dying out.
>Not to sound critical, but what does that have to do with anything.

Have you been reading? Read the above: The TK in the wide universe can
killoff any variant from the norm, and not worry about the race dying out,
given the immense gene pool, resulting in stagnation of the gene pool.The few
isolated on Athas would have to let viable children live no matter how
different or risk extinction. This would tend to increase the chance of a
deviation from the established norm, as those deviants are allowed to lve.
Add in the matching of recessives such as happen in limited gene pools, and
the population suddenly goes thru some very rapid changes.

Hell, this is also demonstared on Athas with heightened stats for all races,
and expanded abilities for many, such as elves and half elves being able to
multi class as psi and mage or cleric.

Evolution at work. Unless you think Athas was the home world of ALL the races
that exist both there and elsewhere, like elves, dwarves, humans, et al.
Races showing the same differences from non Athasian counter parts asthe TK

>They haven't hidden every indication of their existence from all those
>spacefarers for how long. All the indications of their existence were
>attributed to the _Thri-Kreen_ who are the devolved result of the death
>of the Tohr-Kreen empire. And they are right. The Thri-Kreen are the
>backwards descendants of that mighty race, and still bear it's racial
>memory and shared history.

Now you are saying that the population on athas devolced in the same amnner
as the popukation at large, even though isolated. Just not as far. Which
still doesn't address the *3* races of Tohr keen, instead of one parent

>> Does that really seem likely?
>Most certainly. Your limited gene pool idea strikes to the very heart of
>this problem. Who knows how many Tohr-Kreen there are? There may only be
>a handful left in the multiverse. The three subraces could very easily
>be the result of the Tohr-Kreen's attempt to repopulate their race in a
>very restrictive environment. The gradual degradation of the genetic
>purity of the race begins to result in barbaric, less intelligent
>offspring, already more adapted to the savage environment than they.
>They breed faster, and in greater numbers, necessities for survival in
>the harsh terrain. Thus the Tohr-Kreen resort to other, more mysterious
>methods to reproduce, which would explain why you do not see the
>Tohr-Kreen "hatchlings" (for lack of a better term). Or perhaps (as you
>have demonstrated that you can leave the sphere), they do not make a
>permanent residence on Athas. Either an extra-dimensional home, or
>extra-planetary home. There are many other possibilities which fit the
>facts, and any DM could fit them into their campaign if they wished.

OK, a couple problems: you've explained why they are on athas, and theat the
TK on athas are a result of devolution, but haven't explained any "parrellal
devolution" to explain why every TK in the *UNIVERSE* seems to be following
the same path.

Or why the only TK outside of Athas are the ones that CAN'T leave, due to a
lack of the needed spell ability, or psionic ability.

If the populations are the same in and out of athas, due to planar travel,
why is it that only the ones born on athas even have the potential for that
travel, and not the untold billions elsewhere who, thru shear numbers out
number there Athasian kin?

Thank You For Your Time,

Thomas O Magann Jr

<tomjr@???.com> or my back-up: <TMagann@???.com>

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