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From:     "Thomas O. Magann Jr." <tomjr@???.com>
Date:     Mon,  9 Sep 96 16:57:41 PDT
Subject:  Re: The Common Tongue! &
>Well, Athas is a certainly unique place. And the introduction of a new
>race into that environment would certainly cause adaptations in the
>race. You addressed the possiblity that the Thri-Kreen originated on
>Athas, now examine the other possibility: That the Thri-Kreen are
>foreigners there. Not to mention it is just as likely that all
>Thri-Kreen devolved simultaneously in the same way, as to assume that
>parallel evolution created a similar race called the Thri-Kreen in a
>wholly different environment. Unless of course the sphere isn't closed.

Well, just because the Sphere is closed, don't forget Planar travel. Yes,
it's difficult for no priests, but fairly easy for a priest, especially if
the priest's first stop is his elemental plane.

And difficult is different from impossible.

>Over millions of years? I severely doubt it is a necessity. The Juna
>were an even more expansive race and look at how many examples of their
>race there are in the universe. Comparitively few. It is concieveable
>that over that length of time, all evidence of their spell use has been
>eradicated. At least near the human core, (ie Krynn, Oerth, and Toril)
>who is to say where their starting point was.
>> But that's just my opinion, based on what is, essentially, circumstantial
>> evidence. And Occam's Razor.
>Was that honestly the most _obvious_ solution? :)

That a single planet with 4 subraces was more likely a colony that had
adapted in isolation, than that it was the home, and 3 subraces races, and
all magical abilities died out of the race everywhere else in the universe,
when parts of the rest of the universe wasn't isolated and dependant on a
limited gene pool?

I thought so. Don't you? After all, limited Gene pools come up with all sorts
of odd little recessive matches. Look at the old European Royalty.

Add that to the Thrikeen habit of killing their young, and non viable kids in
the colony won't be around to breed, but the ones with unique abilities that
aid survival would.

Result: Thrikeen different from all their brethren in the rest of the
universe, where the TK can afford to kill ANY children that are different,
without worrying about the race dying out.

>Well aside from which. It makes more sense to assume that the Tohr-Kreen
>and their lesser counterparts came from the outside and are not native
>to Athas. Think of how evasive the Tohr-Kreen are about their home. For
>those of you interested in incorporating Athas somehow into your
>campaigns, you could look at the reaction of the Tohr-Kreen to the
>defilers. Their whole reluctance to divulge the secret of their home,
>i.e. wildspace, could be seen as their desire for keeping the knowledge
>from the Sorcerer Kings. The whole campaign could revolve around the
>PC's inadvertantly upsetting the delicate political situation on Athas,
>unwittingly delivering the information into the hands of one of the
>Sorcerer Kings, forcing the Tohr-Kreen to tip their hands and take an
>active role in the situation. Any number of adventures could spin off of
>the idea. Think about it.

So, they've managed to hide every indication of their existance from all
those spacefarers for who knows how long, but 3 separate subraces happened to
be discovered on one little world? A backward one, at that.

Does that really seem likely?

Thank You For Your Time,

Thomas O Magann Jr

<tomjr@???.com> or my back-up: <TMagann@???.com>

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