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Month Index: August, 1996

From:     starfire <starfire@?????.net>
Date:     Mon, 26 Aug 1996 21:35:37 -0500
Subject:  Re: The Common Tongue!
One reason I could think of is that Humans all came from one
plane/planet and all the languages have the same root source.
You can also use this reason for them not speaking the same language
(time and degeneration of certain sounds and such.)    *smile*



From: 	Paul Westermeyer[SMTP:westermeyer.3@???.edu]
Sent: 	Monday, August 26, 1996 1:21 PM
To: 	Multiple recipients of list
Subject: 	[SPELLJAMMER:1744] The Common Tongue!

Has anyone done any work on why most of the humans on the "standard" worlds
all speak the same language? I know its convenient,  but it doesn't offer
much in the way of realism.  If anyone has though out a reason,  please,
let me know!:)

PS Sorry if this has been asked a thousand times,  I don't recall seeing
any posts on it in the past year.

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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