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From:     Hatcher <hatcher@????????.net>
Date:     Wed, 14 Aug 1996 08:02:35 -0400
Subject:  Re: Thyranor
Well Mike let me see, where to start....
Thyranor is located on Kiroth's Bay, on a world that I have created.
It is ruled by several Noble Merchant Houses. However these "Nobles" are
about as honest as some of the U.S. Senators. The Thieves Guild (Called
the Darkblades) controls nearly everything. If someone new arrives in
town it isn't long before the Darkblades know his darkest secrets, his
worst nightmare, favorite dream, nearly everything about him, etc.
The City itself is about the size of Waterdeep, though Thyranor has more
people. One thing that warrants mention is there are no taverns in
Thyranor. This is because the Darkblades have managed to get it
prohibited so the cost of alcohol is more. You can still buy it
illegally and there are shops that are fronts for the guild. I think you
get the picture.
The Major Races include an Elvish race, humans and a halflingish race.
The Elves are taller and more stocky than normal elves. They range from
on average 5'8" to 7' tall weighing about 120-180 lbs.
The humans are normal humans. The Halflings are based off the movie "The
Dark Crystal" if you've ever seen it and remember the Gelflings, these
are what the halflings are like. If not, treat them as really petite
halflings, almost faeish, the female's have insect like wings that allow
them to fly at 12(C).
If you want some more info, just ask, I'll more than glad for the help.
Right now what I am focusing on is having different people design some
of the NPC's and shops, so any you might wish to submit, I'll look over
and see if I think it fits. Anything I select for the city of course
will be credited to whoever submitted it.
I hope to have the Thyranor Web page up soon, so people can see what has
been added to the city, new people, etc.


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