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From:     Hatcher <hatcher@????????.net>
Date:     Tue, 13 Aug 1996 15:41:08 -0400
Subject:  Re: Thyranor
Hello fellow spelljammers,
 Perhaps I will have better results asking members of this list. I am in
the process of creating a world with a friend of mine. The process is
painstaking as it should be but that isn't my problem.
   I am working on a city named Thyranor located on the Western edge of
one of the major continents. It is about the size of Waterdeep, for size
purposes, but has alot more people in it. The City is run by a Council
of Noble Merchant Houses. These individuals are as corrupt as they get.
The Thieves Guild is the real power in the city. There isn't a thing
that goes on that the Theives guild doesn't know about or doesn't have
it's hand in. Most of the council are controlled through various means
(i.e. Blackmail, threats, etc) by the thieves guild.
This is going to be the location of a campaign I am going to run, but I
need some more NPC's as well as Shops and businesses. I posted a letter
on the Forgotten Realms Mailing list as well as the Planescape mailing
list and got very little as far as replies.
If anyone is interested in helping me flesh out this city I would be
very appreciative. I plan on posting everything about the city on MPGN,
so anyone who helps will get credit where it is deserved. Even if some
people just feel like submitting a few NPC's anything is better than
nothing. If you want more info. don't hesitate to write me at:


P.S. I hope to have a web site up soon that will show everyone the
progress being made on Thyranor.


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