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From:     "Richard J. Pugh" <rjpugh@???.net>
Date:     Wed, 07 Aug 1996 21:29:44 -0400
Subject:  Re: War of the Eyes (was: Beholders)
Hi gang.  Someone asked about using Beholders as the primary bad guys in an
SJ campaign.  Doing so is rather difficult, because they fight among
themselves so much that they can't really threaten the grand scheme.

However, there was one period in the history of Terraspace where such was
not the case.

[Excerpt from the History of Terraspace, an as yet unreleased work]

Relative date: -321 to -306
The War of the Eyes

Very little documentation is available on this conflict, mainly because many
of the military records of the major participants have been lost.  It is
known that during this period, the Imperial Elven Navy and the Illithid
kingdom of Oberon fought a very bloody war with a cooalition of Beholder
nations based on Umbriel.
Historical records state that the Beholders wanted to increase their
influence in Terraspace by setting up small outposts from which they could
conduct commerce and military excursions.  The Beholders were very
aggressive in setting up their outposts, often invading and anhilating the
inhabitants of whatever area they deemed appropriate.  The elves and the
illithids formed a very uneasy and very temporary alliance to put a stop to
this, and battled the Beholders fiercly for almost fifteen years.  The elves
primary base in Terraspace, Correlian Rift on Io (now called "Greed Rift")
was almost completely destroyed in a Beholder attack, and the elves were
eventually forced to abandon it.  The Illithids also suffered a devistating
loss during the war, and their navy command center was decimated as well.

Records also make note of a charasmatic leader that was able to unite the
various beholder tribes of Umbriel under a common banner.   However, this
leader is assumed to have died of natural causes (a better explination has
yet to be found) after ruling Umbriel for almost twenty years.  When this
leader died, the various beholder tribes reverted to their social and
cultural conflicts.  Once this happened, the Elven Navy, along with the few
surviving illithid flotillas, were able to permanently stop the beholder
aggression.  Today, Umbriel is wrought with internal fighting between six
major beholder nations and a smattering of smaller ones.
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