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From:     Leroy Van Camp III <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Wed, 24 Jul 1996 18:45:22 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: The Arcane and Helms

On Thu, 25 Jul 1996, Shelby Michlin wrote:

> >  I have also created a reason why the Arcane bother with helms and their
> > creation.  They are planar creatures who consume raw energy to survive.
> > Whether this energy is magical, psionic, or life-energies is not important,
> > as long it is in its "raw" form.
> >  So, they created the helms to bring it to them.  Helms fulfill a purpose,
> > and soon became indespensible.  Whenever a person mans a helm, a portion
> > of the energy it drains is channelled to the Arcane "collective".
> >   And no on has figured this out.  There are actually far less Arcane than
> > people think.  They have inate powers allowing them to move through the
> > Astral plane, and move from world to world with ease.  This is why no
> > one sees then in ships.  They don't need them.

> Leroy, you've outdone yourself; this is brilliant! Consider is stolen, with
> my thanks!

    Now see what you did... you went and made me blush...
    I came up with the idea soon after buying the SJ boxed set.  Reading
through the section on the Arcane, I wondered why a group would bother
with such an endeavour.  It certainly couldn't be money; a group capable
of mass producing minor artifacts probably isn't hurting for cash.
    I struck on the concept when reading the section on how helms drain
you of all spells when you use it, no matter the length.  The reason given
was due to some harmomic stuff, but this is just the excuse the Arcane
    They want to make sure they draw off every last drop.
    I envision a "collection point" in the astral plane near every known
crystal sphere, where a portion of the helm energies are channelled to.
These energies are then further channelled to the Arcane "home world", a
well fortified construct built around an old, fallen god (ala Planescape),
which is used as the "battery".
    Half of the Arcane in existance at any one time are on the "home
world", involved in the creation of helms.  The other half move through
the spheres, looking for new customers.  And they periodically rotate
these duties.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
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