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From:     Leroy Van Camp III <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Tue, 23 Jul 1996 22:12:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Arcane and Helms

On Tue, 23 Jul 1996, Paul Westermeyer wrote:

>   Brings up a larger question:  How many of us only allow Arcane to
> create spelljamming helms, and how does that relate to the odd helms
> like a radient helm, lifejammer, psionic helm or Ki-helm (which
> Realmspace said was made by a Wa Wu Jen and a Cormyrean mage)?

    In my own SJ campaigns, I don't use all the helm types that have been
set forth (such as the series helm, or ki helms, or the worst: bardic
helms), and have created a few.
    The Arcane make and distribute the vast majority of helms, but not
all.  They have secret tecniques that allow them to produce helms faster
and cheaper than any one else.  Some people have managed to produce
perfectly normal helms, but the time and cost is inordinate, making it
    I have also created a reason why the Arcane bother with helms and
their creation.  They are planar creatures who consume raw energy to
survive.  Whether this energy is magical, psionic, or life-energies is not
important, as long it is in its "raw" form.
    So, they created the helms to bring it to them.  Helms fulfill a
purpose, and soon became indespensible.  Whenever a person mans a helm, a
portion of the energy it drains is channelled to the Arcane "collective".
    And no on has figured this out.  There are actually far less Arcane
than people think.  They have inate powers allowing them to move through
the Astral plane, and move from world to world with ease.  This is why no
one sees then in ships.  They don't need them.

	     		  Leroy Van Camp III
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Month Index: July, 1996

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