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Month Index: July, 1996

From:     Max Wilson <maxw@?????.????.???.edu>
Date:     Mon, 15 Jul 1996 19:06:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Psionic Helm

> The Psionic Helm is a Spelljamming helm that converts psionic power into
> motive force. It operates in much the same way as a standard magic-using
> helm, and looks mostly the same. The psionic helm is usually a chair with
> some sort of apparatus around the helmsmans head (such as a metal band, a
> ring of floating gems, a helmet of some sort, etc.)
> However, the psionic helms have a few special properties. A psionist may
> channel powers through the helm to effect the ship, however not all powers
> will apply to the ship, but may effect the crew. Powers such as Flesh Armor
> will effect the hull strength, but powers such that effect ability scores
> have an effect on the crew (it is up to the DM to determine what the power
> will do.) Channeled powers require much power to operate, usually the
> standard PSP cost plus 1 PSP per ship ton or member of crew, depending on
> what the power effects.

When using Flesh Armor, would the ship get as much AC boost as the
psionicist would? Would you count from the ship's AC down, or from AC 10
down and take the best? How about powers like Ectoplasmic Form? If I
wanted to use Ectoplasmic form (cost 9/9) on a 5-man crew, would it cost
5 PSPs per round or 45?

> The psionic helm uses a different cost base than standard helm. Costing 1
> PSP per ship ton (ST) per moverment point (MR) per hour or combat round.
> This works out to MR x ST x time = PSP cost. Combat rounds cost the same as
> Spelljamming hours because on the whole combat requires a lot more
> consentration and thought than traveling in straight lines through space.

Do they accelerate like major helms or minor helms, or do they come in
two varieties? How about weight limits? Do they travel at full
spelljamming speed (4 million miles a day) or do they move at tactical
speed through interstellar space? (If they use full spelljamming
movement, you might consider just making it ST x hours = PSP cost or
maybe even ST x turns.)

> Because of the large amounts of mental energy involved in both the creation
> and use of these helms, many of these helms (50%) become intelligent and
> bond with thier users. These helms maintain a constant and unbreakable
> mental link with thier helmsman and can follow commands from a distance.
> They will also reject anyone other than the currently bonded psionist from
> operating the helm. Also, most of these helms (80%) store a PSP pool
> (usually 250, but can be up to 500) in the helm, allowing them to assist
> the psionist in defensive actions, and recharge at a rate of 1 PSP per
> hour.

I like it. I think it's about time someone came up with a helm for
psionicists. And if you think this helm is too powerful, well, don't
forget--illithids are psionic, too!

Heh heh heh.

						Insanity Max

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