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From:     James Perry <jperry@??.net>
Date:     Tue, 2 Jul 1996 09:55:09 -0500
Subject:  Re: Clockwork Horrors
>> >The word is given. :) I have always been interested in these little metal
>> buggers. They
>> >seem to be the best monster for retribution based campaigns. I would be
>> more than happy
>> >to listen to any details that you may provide. And incidentally, did the
>> players react
>> >with horror to see an entire sphere decimated? Was it a sphere of your own
>> design, or
>> >one of the better known ones?
>> It was one of my spheres.  It only had 3 planets in it (though none had less
>> than 4 moons).  The PC (an elf named Carathian) was born on one of the moons
>> and left when he was young, though he would never tell anybody why.  Years
>> later, he and his party were searching for an artifact of good (my SJ
>> equivelant of the Rod of 7 parts) and had to search through the spheres to
>> find the pieces.  Naturally, the forces of evil were out to destroy the
>> artifact, so, in an alliance with unknown (to the PCs) group, the forces of
>> evil scoured the sphere (which held the last piece of the 9 part artifact,
>> the LG one, each side had 4 already, and the last would tip the scales) by
>> using the ClockWork Horrors, controlled by said Unknown Forces.  Well, the
>> CHs found the artifact piece, but only after reducing most of the planets
>> and moons to ash. The piece was in the heart of the sun, which a group of
>> evil fire creatures (used the stats from an old Dragon Magazine, just
>> changed the alignment) destroyed with help from "the Powers of Evil", this
>> had quite a disastrous effect on the rest of the sphere (can you say
>> "cinders"?  I knew you could).  Well, suffice it to say, the heroes won out
>> in the end, and banished the forces of evil to a different plane, where they
>> were forced to suffer for all eternity (I think they had to watch Barney
>> tapes, but it was never made clear. <JK>)
>Did the CH's spread to other spheres or did they too get banished to
another plane? And
>how high up the CH hierarchy did you get with the PC's, or did you blow the
whole wad on
>them? :)

The horrors spread to other spheres, but they weren't as successful, the
universe knew how to combat them after a while.  Yeah, I threw the whole
group at 'em.  Hordes of them.


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