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From:     Deviant <deviant@????????.??.ca>
Date:     Tue, 02 Jul 1996 09:26:38 -0700
Subject:  Re: Clockwork Horrors
> >The word is given. :) I have always been interested in these little metal
> buggers. They
> >seem to be the best monster for retribution based campaigns. I would be
> more than happy
> >to listen to any details that you may provide. And incidentally, did the
> players react
> >with horror to see an entire sphere decimated? Was it a sphere of your own
> design, or
> >one of the better known ones?
> It was one of my spheres.  It only had 3 planets in it (though none had less
> than 4 moons).  The PC (an elf named Carathian) was born on one of the moons
> and left when he was young, though he would never tell anybody why.  Years
> later, he and his party were searching for an artifact of good (my SJ
> equivelant of the Rod of 7 parts) and had to search through the spheres to
> find the pieces.  Naturally, the forces of evil were out to destroy the
> artifact, so, in an alliance with unknown (to the PCs) group, the forces of
> evil scoured the sphere (which held the last piece of the 9 part artifact,
> the LG one, each side had 4 already, and the last would tip the scales) by
> using the ClockWork Horrors, controlled by said Unknown Forces.  Well, the
> CHs found the artifact piece, but only after reducing most of the planets
> and moons to ash. The piece was in the heart of the sun, which a group of
> evil fire creatures (used the stats from an old Dragon Magazine, just
> changed the alignment) destroyed with help from "the Powers of Evil", this
> had quite a disastrous effect on the rest of the sphere (can you say
> "cinders"?  I knew you could).  Well, suffice it to say, the heroes won out
> in the end, and banished the forces of evil to a different plane, where they
> were forced to suffer for all eternity (I think they had to watch Barney
> tapes, but it was never made clear. <JK>)

Did the CH's spread to other spheres or did they too get banished to another plane? And
how high up the CH hierarchy did you get with the PC's, or did you blow the whole wad on
them? :)

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