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From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Fri, 28 Jun 1996 17:00:49 -0400
Subject:  Re: Spellfighter Kit
Well, at the risk of being redundant,  I came up with my own take on the
small, flitter pilot type kit.  Hopefully it will be of some interest.
Note that this kit is more general then the classes mentioned early,  both
racially and culturally:

Spellfighter Pilot Kit
Description:  A spellfighter is a small,  manned vessel that engages in
combat with ships of the same size and larger.  Typically these vessels
have only 1 to 3 crew members,  and are armed with only one weapon (if
any).  These small craft are often piloted by specialists,  daredevil types
who excel in the quick, aerobatic style of flying successful spellfighter
dueling requires.  They are rarely a danger to larger ships in unless
employed in swarms,  and are often used to defend against the spellfighters
of the enemy.

Role:  The spellfighter pilot can be either a mercenary who flies for gold
or a naval type who flys out of duty.  In either case the kit is open to
any class or race capable of piloting a spellfighter.  Of course,  certain
priesthoods (of a god of peace, for example) or mage schools (necromancers)
rarely or never take this kit.  The DM, as always, has final say over who
may, or may not, take this kit.  Many, many spellfighter pilots are bards.
        A spellfighter pilot must have either a minimum Intelligence of 12
or a minimum Dexterity of 12,  depending on which helm-type he takes as his
specialization (see Special benefits below).  He may be of any alignment.

Secondary Skills: required-navigator

Weapon Proficiencies: The Spellfighter pilot may only use one-handed melee
weapons and any missile weapons normally available to his class.  In
addition,  he may use hand crossbows and starwheel pistols and may take
artillery weapons as well, many specialize in the weapon their favorite
spellfighter is armed (Priests must still abide by the normal rules for
their deity,  mages and thieves may choose these weapons). The Spellfighter
pilot gains the normal number of slots available for his class.

Nonweapon Proficiencies:Bonus-Spelljamming(see Special Benefits),
Navagation(Wildspace), Zero-G combat Recommended-Dancing, tumbling,
heraldry(wildspace), signalling

Equipment:Spellfighter pilots recieve equipment standard to their class. If
they begin play as part of an organized navy they must purchase the
regulation equipment out of their funds,  but start assigned to a
spellfighter of the appropriate type.

Special Benefits:  Spellfighter pilots are masters of spelljamming,  they
can perform amazing feats that are nearly impossible with larger ships.
The benefits listed below only apply when piloting a vessel of 10 tons or
less,  only the standard spelljammer proficiency rules apply when piloting
larger vessels.
        Spellfighter pilots recieve the spelljammer proficiency free,  and
they gain the unique ability to improve their abilities with this skill.
The standard spelljamming proficiency is Int(-2), cost 2 slots and allows
the following with a successful proficiency check 1)Increase SR by 1 for 1
round or 2) boost maneuverability 1 level for one round.  The spelljammer
cannot do both.  In addition,  the spelljammer proficiency grants a -1
initiave bonus during ship combat (no check needed here).
        Spellfighter pilots may do the above,  but they may also increase
their skill, in regards to the helm types they specialize in.  For each two
slots they place in the spelljamming proficiency they increase their
proficiency score by 1,  the possible SR by 1,  the possible MC by 1,  and
the initiative bonus by 1.  The initiative bonus, SR bonus, and MC bonus
all have a maximum bonus of +3.  The proficiency score can be raised to 19,
max.  In addition,  non-spellcasting spellfighting pilots use dexterity,
instead of intelligince as the ability for the spelljammer proficiency.
        The spellfighter pilot only gets these bonuses for the helm types
he specializes in,  there are two types-mental based and physical based
helms.  mental based helms use Int and spellpower,  physical based helms
are steered by hand-eye coordination and powered by a variety of means.
        Mental based helms(only spellcasters may speciallize in
these),-Major helms, Minor helms, Tactical helms,  Ultimate Helms, Psionic
helms, Crowns of Stars,  Furnace helms,  Insectare helms,  Lifejammers,
Death helms,  Radient Helms, Thri-kreen cyrstal Thrones, Orbi, Ki-helms,
Series helms, Bardic helms
        Physical based helms(any class may specialize in these)-Rudders of
Propulsion, Elvish Flitter Helms, Catamaran Gravity sails, Gnomish Steam
helms, non-magical helms

        Finally, like swashbucklers, spellfighter pilots are romantic
figures.  They receive a -2 bonus to reaction adjustments by the opposite

Special Hinderences: Also like swashbucklers spellfighter pilots tend to
attract trouble.  The DM must insure that things constantly seem to befall
them:  the attractive strangers husband or wife appears, a local hotshot
pilot challenges the PC to a duel, ect.
        In addition,  all spellfighter pilots must pay an additional 10% xp
to go up each level.  This might be cancelled out if the PC gains the
ability score xp bonus for his/her class.

Wealth Options: spellfighter pilots are often in demand,  but are also
equally spendthrift.  They get the standard starting gold for their class.

Races: Spellfighter pilots may be of any race,  one fameous merc squadron
of Goblin Blades armed with fireprojectors is made up entirely of Giff
pilots (This squadron is known as the Grey Sheep and operates for hire in
the Tears of Selune; more to come on them in my Realmspace updates).  Most
spellfighter pilots are humans, 1/2 elves, and elves.  All elven
spellfighters receive an additional -1 reaction bonus from members of their
own race, if they are members of the Imperial Elven Navy.  This bonus does
not apply to 1/2 elves.  The Locust pilots of the Kingdom of Wa on Toril
are famed for being expert spellfighter pilots.

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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