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From:     Teos Saa Abadia <tsa1@?????.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:36:00 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: S3 Module, Barrier Peaks, Long!
I have had a lot of fun with S3.  I highly recommend it to everyone, and
not just because I have an extra copy I am willing to trade! =:-)

I have been a player in S3, and really enjoyed the way it is so hard to
tell what you should do in this futuristic spaceship, and how alien the
experience was.  You find all sorts of cool gadgets, and half the time
you break them or use them the wrong way.  The other half, you are using
grenades against your enemies...  Heh heh.

I then DM-ed S3, and had a great time.  Then I Dm-ed it in Spelljammer.
I had the players set up, by giving them an option between facing three
dragons they had angered in Greyspace, or flying through a fire ring.
They opted for the fire ring, and it was also a dimensional portal (this
info on gas rings is in Lost Ships, perhaps?).  So, they were in
Greyspace, then suddenly found themselves in Krynnspace (but didn't know
it), in the magic-dead sargasso.

They could see the dead ships all over the place, but their spelljamming
helm had died and they were slowing down.  The only ship they could reach
was a strange metal ship, huge, with no visible deck or port holes...

They explored the spaceship, having a great time with the robots and
creatures, but finding no way out, until they met the crazed mind flayer,
who had traveled from a dead nautiloid to the spaceship in hopes of
finding a way out. Now, I took the liberty of saying that the spaceship's
field allowed for magic to work within the spaceship, and that it also
kept the mind flayer from traveling via planar means.

So, the mind flayer and party struck an unlikely and uneasy alliance, the
mind flayer promising to tell them how to escape, if they would provide
the spelljamming vessel.  The mind flayer, finally finding out that the
spelljamming vessel was parked right outside the spaceship, turned on the
party, and was defeated.  The party, in turn, figured out the mind
flayer's plan: since the ship's field allowed magic to work, the mind
flayer intended to bring the ship into the cargo hold, and then spelljam
from there back through the fire ring, which was also existant in the

The party managed to escape, but before they left, they investigated a
place the mind flayer had said it had been unable to enter. Inside, was a
metallic suit of armor, and lots of warning signs.  The party, being
greedy, tried to steal the armor, which was actually the ship's strongest
weapon, a "terminator"-style robot.  The party was soon getting their butts
wounded, with no visible damage on the terminator, due to its force field
and invulnerability to most of their weapons. The desperate party then
used a wish spell to reverse time, and worded it carefully. But not
carefully enough.  They stipulated that they wanted to reverse time for
this room only.  They left safely in their vessel, but back in the
spaceship, internal computing mechanisms found an anomaly in the clock
timing of the "secret weapon" room, and the ship's computer activated the
terminator to find the problem.  The terminator accessed the prison logs,
where the party had been held briefly, and found info on the party, then
accessed cameras that showed them entering the "secret weapon" room. Like
most devices on this ship, the terminator was a little unstable, and it
became obsessed with solving the anomaly.  It got into a small craft and
exited the ship, following the players.

What ensued was an even longer story (which I will spare you) where the
party was pursued across worlds and spheres as the terminator learned the
ways of the land and showed up at the worst times.  In the end, the party
visited a sage in Kofuspace and learned how to defeat it. Much fun was
had by all.

As I mentioned before, I have an extra copy of this module, and now you
have my Spelljammer revisions.  I am looking for a trade, but might sell.
My list of stuff I want and have is on the Web, available from:

|-Teos Abadia---------|
| "Give me the judgment of balanced minds in preference to laws every time.|
|  Codes and manuals create patterned behavior.  All patterned behavior    |
|  tends to go unquestioned, gathering destructive momentum.               |
|                                  -Darwi Odrade, _Chapterhouse_Dune_.     |

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