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From:     Teos Saa Abadia <tsa1@?????.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 28 Jun 1996 11:09:18 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Dark Sun Threads
I'm a pretty big Dark Sun fan, and own a lot of the stuff.  I'm also on
the Dark Sun list, where we have discussed some of the current threads.
The TSR online rep has also talked about these subjects.  Here is what
most of the list holds to be true:

Closed sphere thread:
	Dark Sun should be a closed sphere, for a number of reasons.  The
brutal world of Athas has created races, creatures, and characters that
are much stronger than those in other TSR worlds.  Introducing these into
other spheres would be unbalancing.  If you figure in the powers that
Athasian characters have, such as dragon transformation, this is even
more obvious.
	Athas is partly such a brutal world because it has only in rarity
what other spheres take for granted: water, metal, good weapons,
mages...  If you had commerce with other spheres, Athas would cease to be
the captivating world that it is.

EAWF/Priests Thread:

Keep in mind that EAWF is 1st edition Dark Sun and that much of EAWF is
written in the context (much as the 1st boxed set and Dragon Kings) of
the Manual of the Planes, and not Planescape.  In addition, since EAWF,
the role of the Gray and Black has been better defined.  The material
plane of Athas is surrounded by the Grey, which is in turn surrounded by
the Black.  To travel to another plane, including the ethereal, you must
first transgress the Grey and Black, which is hard to do for even
Sorcerer Kings (see the last TSR Dark Sun novel).

So, my point is that in the mind of TSR (which need not, and probably
shouldn't always be your perspective), EAWF is wrong in terms of planar

While I like The Manual of the Planes, I do also like the concepts of the
Grey and the Black, so I plan to use these new rules.  The just out
"Preservers and Defilers of Athas" should clarify how planar travel
spells work in Athas.  Psionic powers are slated to be addressed in 1998,
and cleric spells/powers have yet to be adressed by TSR.

For more info, read the Dark Sun list, which often deals with these

|-Teos Abadia---------|
|---TSR stuff I am looking for:|

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