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From:     Leroy Van Camp III <van891@??????.edu>
Date:     Wed, 19 Jun 1996 23:39:27 -0700 (PDT)
Subject:  Re: Spelljammer and Greyhawk

On Thu, 20 Jun 1996, Paul Westermeyer wrote:

> Here's a question I also posted on the newsgroup.  For those of you who
> combine your spelljammer with the World of Greyhawk, what else is on that
> planet besides the continent described in the official boxed sets?

    A have a fair amount of GH stuff, and I don't think they give any real
information on anything but the Flanaess.  They only thing I recall is
that the Suel migrated to the continent from elsewhere.

> And,
> for that matter,  has anyone thought of allowing Birthright into
> Spelljammer? What would its sphere be like?  Would blooded PCs still exist
> in space? Official TSR types answers are very welcome, especially on the
> Birthright question.

    In my upcoming SJ campaign I am thinking of including a Birthright
sphere.  The main problem is the feel and mood of Birthright, one that
seems contradictory to the Spelljammer setting.  What I am thinking of
doing is having a spherical asteroid field simialr to the one in
Greyspace, but much more violent and dangerous.  With the Birthright world
within this sphere it becomes much easier to explain why their is
virtually no interaction.
    As for blood abilites, I am not sure.  I would have to go back and
reread my BR stuff.  My guess would be that whatever level of power a
character has would remain as long as he is in the BR sphere; it wouldn't
work in the Flow or in other spheres.
    It might be interesting to see how well the BR rules on ruling
territories would work with space.  For example, a territory in an
asteroid belt.
    As for what the sphere would be like... that would be up to the GM.  I
don't remember much on celestial bodies or constellations.
    In all, it sounds like a good list project.

    BTW, Paul, is there someplace a person could download the work you've
been doing with Realmspace.  I had all the stuff you posted saved, but
lost it.

               Leroy Van Camp III      van891@??????.edu
               "Cthulhu, eh?  I'll try and backstab him"

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