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From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Sun, 16 Jun 1996 15:49:15 -0400
Subject:  Re: More Realmsspace!Waterdeep cont.
My Realmspace updates continue,  please comment to me either directly or on
the Spelljammer list(I'm digested on the Realms list and won't get those
comments for at least a week).

Waterdeep, Cont.

Legal Ramifications of flying over the City:  Unlawful Flight Intrusion is
considered a minor offense of the Second Plaint (Crimes Against the City).
It generally is punished by a 300 gp fine and an edict against the offender
by a Magister (Waterdahvian judges).  The Edict usually is simply a charge
not to fly over the city again.  Any intrusion over the city is considered
a violation  whether the offender is flying an on a Hippogriff or an Ogre
Mammoth.  This punishment is only a guideline,  in the past the extreme
punishments spread by the Calishite rumormongers(as mentioned in the
previous post) have been inflicted upon constant,  repeat offenders.  Note
that any other crimes committed while flying over the city (assault, arson,
destruction of property, ect) are subject to their own, usually severe,
penalties in addition to those imposed for violating the cities airspace.
For a more complete look at Waterdeep's Code Legal see pgs 77-81 of the
Campaign Guide book of the City of Splendors boxed set.

The legal edicts against flying over the city cause most spelljammers to
either land out at sea and then sail in conventionally, or land in one of
the fields outside of the city and carting any cargo in.  Docking in the
harbor entails the standard 5 gp docking fee,  regardless of the ships
size.  This fee allows the ship to stay up to 14 days,  and includes fresh
water, ballast if needed,  and the right to dump garbage.  Landing outside
the city tends to be more expensive.  Most farmers,  faced with the
destruction of their fields will demand twice what they might have made by
selling the crops.  If 'jammers balk at this they will be faced with
charges of destruction of private property,  and most likely end up paying
anyway.  A few enterprising merchants (and one noble family-see below) have
purchased fields for the express purpose of landing spelljammers.  These
landing fields typically charge 5-10 gp per day,  and will rent carts
(1-3gp per day) to allow the 'jammers to transport their cargo into the
city.  The 'jammers are responsible for the 1 gp fee Waterdeep charges each
wagon or cart that leaves the city (and their ship is forfeit if they don't
return the cart or pay its cost in full).

Merchant Fleets of Waterdeep:
As befits the "City of Splendors" of Toril, Waterdeep now has a large and
active merchant fleet.  Most of the spelljammers flying the arms of
Waterdeep (Guard vessels fly both the arms of Waterdeep and the arms of the
Lords of Waterdeep) are independent adventuring and trading vessels,  ships
that call Waterdeep their home port.  Their numbers are varied and
changing,  an accurate count might be found in Castle Waterdeep,  but many
of the ships in that register were destroyed without witnesses. Below are
the more politically important fleets,  the ships controlled by the Noble
families that have remained involved in spelljamming.

Eltorchul Fleet-  The Eltorchul family fleet performs the same function as
its terrestrial fleet and agents-procuring rare substances and items for
magical components and research.  The fleet is thus composed of small, fast
vessels crewed by low and midlevel mages.  The vessels seldom travel in
groups,  except on trips to other crystal spheres,  in which case they
travel in groups of 2-5.  The fleet is administered by Filen Eltorchul
(Lord Eltorchul's nephew) and service in the fleet is often accepted as
payment for magical training by the family.
Fleet:5 Dragonfly ships
      3 Damselfly ships
      2 Shrikeships
All Eltorchul ships are equipped with Major Helms

Helmfast Fleet-Edwind Helmfast was responsible for the Waterdeep's new leap
to the stars,  and the Helmfast family has continues to be the leaders in
this field.  The Helmfast Fleet is the largest merchant fleet based out of
Waterdeep,  the ships travel the spheres carrying cargos from port to port
and searching for items rare or unobtainable on Toril.  The ships typically
travel in fleets of 3-6 vessels,  the trading missions usually last 6
months to a year.  Leaving Waterdeep the cargo is lumber and food,  bulk
items that bring a large profit in Wildspace.  The return cargo can be
anything,  and the ships time their trips so they return in the dead of
winter,  thus taking advantage of the inevitable boredom a Waterdahvian
winter causes.
Fleet:3 Battle Dolphins (with Shuttle and an extra Minor Helm)
      5 Galleons
      7 Hammerships
Except for the Dolphin Shuttles,  all Helmfast vessels are equipped with a
Major helm.

Irlingstar Docks- The Irlingstars own no ships of their own,  yet they are
the most important Nobles for spelljammers after the Helmfast family.  The
Irlingstars are active in shipbuilding,  and they quickly realized the
amount of business being lost to builders in Wildspace.  To combat this
they hired a few skilled shipwrights off the Rock of Bral and purchased the
plans to some of the more common spelljammers.  They then purchased a
couple of farms just outside of the city,  and turned them into a series of
docks and shipyards.  The Irlingstar docks charge the same basic rates as
the other fields owned by smaller merchants,  but they also can repair
spelljammers at the standard rates.  For those interested in purchasing a
ship the Irlingstars can build Tradesmen,  Dragonflys,  Mosquitos,
Swanships, Wreckboats, and Yachts.  Standard water craft,  and spelljammers
that land on water can be repaired by any of the more conventional
shipwrights at the docks (the Irlingstars have repair facilities there as

Lanngolyn Fleet-  The Lanngolyn family has not moved heavily into
spelljamming.  Their small fleet is run by a contracted adventurer,  Trend
Sharktooth (CN hm F8-merchant kit), who runs the fleet as he sees fit,
simply paying the Lanngolyn family its share of the profits each year.  The
fleet always sails together,  returning to Waterdeep each fall.
Fleet:3 Tradesmen (modified to allow water landings)

Moonstar Fleet-The Moonstar family considers the exploration of Wildspace a
grand adventure. The small fleet is captained by the younger nieces and
nephews of Lord Helve, seldom does a voyage last less than a year.
Fleet-2 Squidships
      1 Shrikeship

Wavesilver Fleet-The Wavesilver family doesn't actually possess a fleet,
the family's patron is very old fashioned.  However,  one of the Lord's
children, Sasha Wavesilver (CG hef F9/P9{of Selune} Sasha wields a magical,
flaming two-handed sword), owns a spelljammer.  Sasha's vessel,  the
"Windsong", is a standard Galleon equipped with a minor helm.  It's crew is
somewhat unusual; Sasha has established a temple to Selune on board,  the
crew are all 1st-3rd level priestesses of Selune.  The ship is officered by
Sasha,  her lover Blade (CN hem T8/M8), their friend Maularde (N em
F8-Gladiator, a barbaric looking moonelf with long,  bright blue hair),
and a small, grime covered gnome named Fizzle Flashpoint (NG gm).  The
officers and crew of the "Windsong" act as agents and diplomats for the
Lords of Waterdeep in Wildspace.  When acting in an official capacity they
fly the Lord's arms,  as well as those of Waterdeep and the Wavesilvers.
Some DMs may wish to use Sasha, Blade or Maularde as a Lord of Waterdeep.

Zun Fleet-The Zun family has long made a practice of sponsoring mercenary
companies,  now they have expanded into sponsoring a privateering company
in Wildspace. The company is led by Telphin Zun (LE hf M9-militant wizard),
the youngest daughter of Lord Lungar Zun II.  Telphin has a cruel streak a
mile wide,  hare er family is happy to see her occupied in Wildspace.
Telphin is on very poor terms with the Elven Imperial Navy,  Admiral
Icarus,  the IENs Realmspace commander has twice warned her against overly
zealous actions against elven "pirate" ships.  The company members are all
well trained (possessing either the Marine or Privateer kit from the
Spacefarer's Handbook) and the ships are heavily armed.  The helmsmen in
the Zun company are all Specialty priests of Tempus (lvls 3-7).  Telphin is
the companies only mage.  Currently the Zun Company is hunting pirates in
Selune's Tears under orders of Marque purchased from the Rock of Bral.
Fleet:2 Scorpion Ships (max crew, standard armamant)
      1 Nightwolf (max crew, 2 Bombards,  1 heavy jettison)
The Nightwolf acts as the fleets flagship.

Many of the other Waterdahvian Noble families own a spelljammer or two
(Yachts being the most common),  but these are kept as curiosities,
Toril-bound shuttles,  and party-boats.

The Ships of the Guard- The Waterdahvian Guard has recently acquired 8
Major helms.  These were mounted in 4 strikers and 4 rakers.  The
spelljamming capabilities of this ships has been kept very secret.  The
crews are geased so as not to be able to reveal the ships existence to any
outside the Waterdahvian Guard.  The ships keep a constant patrol high
above Waterdeep, doing their best to prevent unauthorized flyovers and
terror attacks from the neogi and others. Two strikers and two rakers are
aloft at any one time.  The ships rotate every month,  and often dip into
Toril's atmosphere to clean the air for the excessive crews they carry.
Strikers carry a crew of 44 (3 6th level priests [of Tempus, Tyr, Helm,  or
Torm], 3 6th level Mages,  6 5th level Fighter officers,  1 9th level
Fighter Captain, 1 8th level Mage First Mate,  30 3rd level Fighter crew)
and Rakers a crew of 36 (Officers as above,  crew 22 3rd level fighters).
These crews are all veterans chosen from the Waterdahvian naval ships,
they are proud of their elite status.  The ships are never seen to land
near Waterdeep, instead they land at sea and sail in as a regular vessel.
There is much confusion among Waterdeep's enemies as to the size of its
fleet because of this tactic.  Since taking up their duties the
Waterdahvian Fleet as acquired several ships and helms from pirates and
neogi,  these additional ships of the fleet are varied in crew and type.

This material has been derived from:
City of Splendors boxed Set
Volo's Guide to Waterdeep
The Warcaptain's Companion boxed set (all of the ships except the Raker and
Striker appear within this set in the Ship Recognition Manual)
Spacefarer's Handbook
Spelljammer Boxed set
The Striker and Raker were converted from the City of Splendors stats using
Sean Reynolds' Shipmaker Hypercard (available, I believe, at MPGN for

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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