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From:     Don Weis <watcher@????.net>
Date:     Mon, 10 Jun 1996 22:57:05 -0500
Subject:  Re: DragonSphere
>This sphere sounds very similiar to the set of novels by Richard A. =
>Knaak. The DragonRealm Series. Excellent series by the way.
>How 'bout adding some different kind of Dragon-kin. I have been working =
>on a campaign surrounding this idea. Basically the Dragon has been =
>altered do to the magical nature of the Sphere. The Dragon as we know =
>them are only a small part of the race. I have created Drake race, they =
>are similiar in appearance to the draconians from Krynnspace. Except =
>they are not perverted good-aligned dragon eggs. Every species of dragon =
>has them. The King or Queen of the Clan lays the eggs. The eggs are very =
>unique in there markings. Each different sub-species has a particular =

        Ya know I was thinking along the lines of special eggs for the
Draconians, but not that it was something the true dragons would like.  In
the way of the Draconions are indeed hatched from dragon eggs but they are
like the bad egg of the clutch.  Every clutch or just about ever clutch has
one.  Most of the time the discoloring is enough for the neutral and good
dragons to just push the egg away or destroy it, but the evil dragon may go
ahead and finish out the hatching and use these missfits as pawns and
underlings.  Of course if a good dragons egg is just push away there is
still a chance of it hatching anyway.  The worse of the batch is a radiant
draconian that was smart enough to not hatch untill it's mother gave up on
it and threw it away.  This draconian is by far one of the most dangerious
individuals in all of DragonSpace.   And the fact that he is gaining in
strength of followers is not good for the sphere.  He is even going so far
as to captureing these bad/draconian eggs from clutches and hatching them
himself.  Needless to say the pair of Radiant dragons that call DragonSpace
thier home are far from happy about this development and would like verry
much to see this draconian dead.
        And yes I have read the first 5 books for the DragonRealm series, I
lost track of them a few years ago, How many books is he up to now?  They
are a supriseingly good set of books and my players have never heard of them

>Dragon Society
>Dragon King/Queen
>Dragon Prince/Princess
>Dam --- Basically this is what we would refer to as a Drake=20
>Greater Drake Priest=20
>Greater Drake Magus
>Greater Drake Warlord
>Drake Warrior --- The most common
>Lesser Drake Flyer --- A flying mount (animal intelligence)
>Lesser Drake Rider --- another version of the AD&D Drake used as a mount =
>by the Drakes (animal intelligence)
>Well this is a very rough draft of the idea. What do you all think

        Throw in that the dragons also have merchants, workers, slaves,
serfs and all other levels of sociaty.  Dragons and humans are about 50/50
in this space.  One must alway be carefull of who they insult. <And I have a
player who likes to insult the NPCs.>
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       Chaos Central.
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