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From:     Don Weis <watcher@????.net>
Date:     Sun, 9 Jun 1996 18:58:33 -0500
Subject:  Re: DragonSphere
        How about some input from all about this.

        DragonSphere is forming up like this.  Magic works a little bit
difrently in DragonSpace.  Matrial componets in spells are gone, With just a
flick of a wrist and a few stagering letters any mage, even those who had to
use componets before can now cast spells.  Those that enter the sphere are
asulted my magic the instant they enter.  This causes a number of things.
The first is a helm overload, stoping the ship instantly and expelling the
mage from the helm <could be use on the batship perhaps? *GRIN*>.   All
mages are changed slightly <the Magic systems changes to the point system as
described in the Spells and Magic Options book>, and the chances for
Psionics is checked at 3 times the chance <just to give newbies to the
sphere a fighting chance>.  The drawback to all this is that there is only
one race that knows how to excape this sphere, The Arcane.  This sphere is
so far off the beaten path that it has never been worth outsiders to invade
and then there are the dragons that inhabit all levels of socity here.  The
dragons of dragonspace have developed the ability to shapechange into
humanform giveing them the apearance of a human sized elf.  The catch to
this is that hair and skin color gives them away.  The hair color is the
same as the dragons scales and the skin color depends on the individuals
alignement.   A dark purple means Evil, a light red color shows Neutral,
while the good dragons have a slightly yellow tint to their skin.
        The dragons of DragonSpace developed this ability so they were able
to spelljam.  It was found that a dragon in humanoid shape could power a
helm depending on their age.  For each age group they dragon would have One
point of SR.  Thus an adult dragon would fly a ship at a SR of 6.  Even the
smaller dragons like the dragonets or drakes could helm a ship but only at
half the ability of the full dragons <and they did not get the shapechange
        A full third of all liveing thinking creatures in the sphere are
capable of psionics and those humans who can have convinced the Arcane to
develop a helm just for them. <I have not decided how to run this, Any ideas?>

        The Shell:
        When a ship is aproaching a portal into this sphere there can be
seen that something is not quite right.  The portal shimers though all the
known and unknown colors almost hipnotizeingly <wisdoms below 9 may have to
make a save vs magic to avoid just stairing at it.  This is the only warning
to others that this could be a bad Idea.
        Inside the shell is where the stars are.  Each star is a dragon whos
head is glowing the same color as its skin did while in humanoid shape
<yellow and red, the purple ones cannot be seen from afar>.  When a dragon
dies in DragonSpace it is beleived that his spirt inhabits one of these
dragons for a time before leaveing this life behind forever.  For how long a
dragon soul stays is unknown.
        The sphere is intresting in the layout of the plantes.  There is no
central sun.  Infact there is no actual planet in the cetner of this sphere
at all.  What there is, is a magic dead Zone so large that is has taken on a
gravity just from all the stuff that has fallen into it. <What were these
called Sargos or something like that>  Inside of this is great amouts of
treasure and relics of long ago, but even a dragons flight does not seam to
work.  Gnomes have reported seeing things moveing around down there, but
none have been able to return to tell what it is.
        Orbiting this zone are a series of small planets, as if the zone
were once a planet and all that is left are the moons.  There are 3 planets
going from a to c in size as they move away from the zone.  The arcane have
come to an agrement with the inhabitants of DragonSpace and thus they OWN
the size A planet.
        The light for this sphere is generated from 4 suns that orbit in the
outer ring.  Each sun is locked into an orbit directly across the sphere
from each other froming a sort of 4 point compass.  The four suns are an
replica of the elemetals plans.  Blue for water, Red for fire, Green for
earth, and Yellow for air.  This continus light from the suns has created a
sphere Rich in plant life and all planets are near overgrown with plants.
Each sun is orbited by a set of small planets not more than D in size.
Rangeing from the reds suns 3 to the Greens suns 9, with 4 around blue and 6
around Yellow.

        races:  Dragons <all plus a few>, Half-dragons, Dragon Kin <all plus
a few>, humans, halflings,half-elves,  gnomes <tinker>, elves.  Dwarfs and
Mindflyers are a notable exception to all this, either to much greens or to
much light.  The elves are a weak force, a few remnetns that got stuck here
fleeing from the wars.  Disorganized and underpowered, they are a mear
shadow of what they once were.  Just about any race can be found in
DragonSpace but they travel in large packs to try to keep the dragons away.
The Dragons are the rulers of this space and they KNOW it.

        Well not that i have typed for a good hour I am going to send this
out and see what kind of a rucks I have drumed up.  Please you input all.
        Welcome to                                 WatchOwl
       Chaos Central.
                     If it harm none, Do what you will

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