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From:     Daniel Sloan <SLOANDB@?????.??????????.???.???.au>
Date:     Mon, 3 Jun 1996 10:05:54 +1000
Subject:  Re: Terraspace...
> 	Terraspace is (was?) an ongoing project to create our solar
> system as a fantasy sphere.  Ideas were tossed around for a while,
> and some of the planets were written up.  You can check out some of
> the stuff on my web page.  I have more notes at home that are ot up
> there yet, but will be soon... (in theory).
> 	Somebody out there has a comiled list of all the stuff, but
> I've forgotten who.  If you're reading this, could you please post the
> material?  If it's too big, send it to me and I'll add it to my page.

I thought it might be something like that.  Ive already included our
universe in my campaign actually.  It goes like this:

With the last SpellJammer's death, the Broken Sphere was mended and
became the Sealed Sphere.  Far bigger than any other, its internal
space is infinite.  Inside are thousands upon thousands of systems,
etc etc arranged the way we know them.  No one can enter or leave
this sphere.  Also, the 'Big Bang theory' works, cause the Broken
sphere was resealed with the SpellJammer's fiery plunge into the sun
of that sphere.  All of this is related to the last book of the
'Cloakmaster series'.
Eventually I might make a trip for my PCs into the Sealed Sphere.
We'll see.
Oh, PS.  Some might say that millions of years have passed here, and
few outside of the S.S.  But perhaps in the first few years of the
resealing, time was distorted and weird.  So now, both universes are
close to same timeframe, maybe a thousand years difference (putting
Earth in medieval times, very appropriate).

My 2 sp worth.

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