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From:     Dan Sloan <SLOANDB@?????.??????????.???.???.au>
Date:     Tue, 28 May 1996 17:25:08 +1000
Subject:  Re: Psionic Helms again
Long ago, in the mists of Ancient time, someone mentioned psionic
I'm working on an extension to SpellJammer (to be called Future
Realms) which will involve the Fall of Magic (and spelljamming to a
degree).  Psionics will take hold and become the ruling power.  Anyway, back to
SpellJammer - there is a psionic power called Dimension Door, and
this power allows travel across reasonably large distances in reduced
time, using the astral plane (or some such thing).  I don't believe
that a normal psionicist could conceivably power a ship up to full
SpellJamming speeds, so I have created a helm which opens a Gateway.
This Gateway leads into Chaos Space, a realm where time and distance
are distorted.  It would take an amount of power dependant on the
tonnage of the ship to open a large enough Gateway.  Also, since the
ship could not be pulled back to combat speed as in SpellJamming,
instead objects in normal space create an 'attraction' to ships in Chaos space, and
thus they are 'pulled' back through as per the normal rules.  Another
thing would be that ships could encounter one another in Chaos space.

This would solve the problem of too many PSPs being needed, creating
PCs that are too powerful.  Also, I have thought of alternatively
having a creature called a 'SpaceJammer' (I call this method of travel SpaceJamming)
create the psionic effect as a natural ability, and having the
creature  controlled tightly by one or two mages.  This is sketchy
 I haven't developed it much yet.
If anyone has any suggestions or can find anything wrong
with this idea, please reply, and feel free to use it for your own

My 2 cps worth.

"Give up any hope of Zael's destruction, for to destroy him would be
to destroy the Tapestry of Time itself.  Instead he must be cast out,
returned to the Chaos where he belongs..."
            The Great Library of Palanthus, Krin.  2473 PL (Future Realms)

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