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From:     Daniel Sloan <SLOANDB@?????.??????????.???.???.au>
Date:     Thu, 9 May 1996 10:34:07 +1000
Subject:  Re: Spelljammer renewal - the future
Hi all!
I thought I might try breathing some life into this list ;-)

        A New Campaign: Future Realms

    TSR has killed Spelljammer.  They committed a heinious crime
in doing so, but I forgive them - they have other campaign worlds to go on
with.  However, as a Spelljammer DM my PCs are getting bored.  So I
decided to do something radical - I threw the Spelljammer worlds out
the window and built an entire new universe, 6000 years into the future.
    I have had more fun in the last month than I have in four years of
AD&D! :-)  The universe has been ravaged by wars, destroyed and rebuilt,
and new races have come and gone.  The company of PCs appear to be
enjoying it, and of course, since none of them have read any novels
about it, they don't know anything they shouldn't.
    The Plot:
        In a sphere called Centerspace, a man named Larak Raven-Elf
has taken control.  From the primary world of Tara his dominon has
spread across the Known Spheres in the form of the Taran Empire.
His powers are enormous, his loyal Talented psionicists controlling
the leaders of every world.  He rules through mental powers, and
only one thing stands against him - the Resistance.  A loose band
of outcasts, criminals, and do-gooders, the Resistance holds the sphere
of Farspace against the Raven and his Taran legions.  But even as they
hold him back, the Legend of the Mindstone resurfaces - three millenia
ago, the Balancing took place.  Millions died, and whole spheres were
destroyed as the universe convulsed and changed.  Those responsible
were never found, and their only reminder was a round fist-sized stone
which contained the power that had caused the Balancing.  He who
possessed the Mindstone could reshape the universe to his will.
    Larak coveted the Stone, and so the two forces - the Resistance,
and the Taran Empire - began a race to find the Mindstone, and use it
to destroy the other.
        The Adventure:
    At this point my adventures start, the PCs being one party chosen to
find the Stone.  They are travelling to a world called Attis (sound
familiar?) to speak with the Sage, the only person who might know where
the Mindstone is.
I've also included the SpaceJammer beings (I don't know whether that
e-mail got through to the list).  These huge 2 ton creatures roam
wildspace, using their innate ability to open portals into Chaos-space,
where time and space are distorted.  Some of the larger ships have tamed
SpaceJammers controlled by Talents (psionicists), since they allow a
ship to travel at incredible speeds.

    Extra note: The way I introduce the characters is easy - when flying
through the Flow, their ship suddenly starts to disintegrate (magic) and
they soon find themselves without a ship.  After a short time the
preservational effect of the Flow sets in, and they remain in suspended
animation for six thousand years.  When they wake, they find themselves
in a foreign universe, with foreign people.

    This might be some ideas for someone else who is suffering PC boredom.
Even if not, I would appreciate some feedback, and any ideas however
vague or ridiculous.  I'm especially interested in any ideas for new
races, spelljammer ships, or space-faring organizations, whether they seem
relavant to my campaign or not.

        Future Realms DM.

No information here in any way deliberately reflects
the opinions of
"Though it was destroyed,
the SpellJammer lives on,
for it is the essence of Life itself..."
            Jano Kraldor el Attis, Commander of the Resistance and sage

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