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From:     Eugene Shumu1insky <static@??.???.????.edu>
Date:     Fri, 3 May 1996 18:52:26 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:  Re: Bibliography...

	I think I have finally compiled the Complete Spelljammer
Bibliography.  It is also on my WWW page.  Here it is:

(Nearly) Complete Spelljammer Bibliography



   Here's a list of all of the published Spelljammer material, including
   the Spelljammer-related articles published in Dungeon, Dragon, and
   Polyhedron magazines. It's current through about Dragon issue #214,
   Dungeon #58, and Polyhedron #90.

   An asterisk (*) by a title means that I don't own it.

   If I'm missing anything from the list, please let me know.


   Boxed Sets:
          AD&D, Adventures in Space (c)1989
          Legend of Spelljammer (c)1991
          War Captain's Companion (c)1992
          Astromundi Cluster (c)1993

          SJA1: Wildspace by Allen Varney
          SJA2: Skulls & Crossbows by Nigel Findley
          SJA3: Crystal Spheres by J. Paul LaFountain
          SJA4: Under the Dark Fist by Grant Boucher

          SJS1: Goblin's Return by Bruce Nesmith

          SJQ1: Heart of the Enemy by Rick Swan

          SJR1: Lost Ships by Ed Greenwood
          SJR2: Realmspace by Dale "Slade" Henson
          SJR3: Dungeon Master's Screen by J. Paul LaFountain
          SJR4: Practical Planetology by Nigel Findley
          SJR5: Rock of Bral by L. Richard Baker III
          SJR6: Greyspace by Nigel Findley
          SJR7: Krynnspace by Jean Rabe
          SJR8: Space Lairs by Nicky Rea and Wes Nicholson

          CGR1: Complete Spacefarer's Handbook

   Novels (The Clockmaster Cycle):

         1. Beyond the Moons by David Cook
         2. Into the Void by Nigel Findley
         3. The Maelstrom's Eye by Roger E. Moore
         4. The Radiant Dragon by Elaine Cunningham
         5. The Broken Sphere by Nigel Findley
         6. The Ultimate Helm by Russ T. Howard

   The Spelljammer Comic Books

        Issues 1 through 15. (I'm missing #14.)

   * Pirate of Realmspace

        Computer game from SSI.



   Dragon Magazine: (Issue Dr###, Title by Author, page number.)
          + Dr153a "Awash in the Phlogiston" (errata) by Jeff Grub, pp.
          + Dr159a "Rough Times on Refuge" by Ed Greenwood, pp. 10-14.
          + Dr159b "Bazaar of the Bizaare" by Steven E. Schend, pp.
          + Dr159c "The Dragon's Bestiary" by Brown, Denning, & Johnson,
            pp. 3-35.
          + Dr175a "Editorial" by Roger E. Moore, pp. 6,7,100.
          + Dr179a "Ladders to the Sky" by Allen Varney, pp. 89-92.
          + Dr183a "Avast, ye swabs, and heave to!" by Richard L. Baker
            III, pp 21-26.
          + Dr184a "Magic With an Evil Bite" by Jason M. Walker, pp.
          + Dr192a "Weapons of Mass Destruction On Sale Now!" by Matt
            Weber, pp. 23-28.
          + Dr199a "Campaign Journal: The Plack Pegasus Trading Co." by
            David Montgomery and Jim Milner, pp. 48-54.
          + Dr214a "Ecology of the Neogi" by Jon Winters, pp. 52-56, 58.


          + Dr150a "Sunset World" by Stephen Inniss, pp. 18-25,65.
          + Dr152a "Ecology of the Umber Hulk" by Tony Jones, pp. 10-13.
          + Dr160a "Up, Away, and Beyond" by Bruce A. Heard, pp. 30-35.
          + Dr174a "Bazaar of the Bizaare" by Matthew P. Hargenrader, pp.

   Sage Advice
          Issue 171 of Dragon Magazine contains "Sage Advice" articles by
          Skip Williams which cover the Spelljammer setting. Issues 170,
          178, 179, 180, 181, 182, 185, 191, 197, and 199 contain
          additional material.

   Dungeon Magazine: (Issue Du##, Title, Author, Level range, Quote from
   the issue's TOC)
          + Du21 , Jammin', James M. Ward, any level
            "A rotting ship holds the secrets of all the universe, but
            its crew whats you only for the "fuel" you carry."
          + Du28 , Visitors from above, Shonn Everett, levels 4-8
            "A star falls from above and terror follows in its wake."
          + Du36 , The Sea of Sorrow, Steve Kurtz, levels 7-9
            "The wildspace monster is deadly, but its lair is the real
          + Du39 , Flowfire, Steve Kurtz, levels 5-9
            "In the phlogiston, everyone can hear you scream (and you'll
            scream a lot!)." [collection of mini-adventures]
          + Du41 , Mammoth Problems, Lawrence Kapture, levels 8-10
            "The elves thought they'd destroyed it forever, but this
            problem's too big to go away."
          + Du45 , An Artist's Errand, Steve Kurtz, levels 6-8
            "The reigar believe that Art is everything, and this reigar
            will do everything to retrieve her stolen property."


          + Du34, The Lady Rose, Steven Kurtz, 8 - 11 level
            "A town destroyed, young elves kidnapped. Will your continent
            be the next to fall to the superior firepower of Talangran?"
            (Contains a "spelljamming aware" groundling nation.)
          + Du53, Clarshh's Sepulchre, Willie Walsh, 1st level
            "Someone or something still waits within the catacombs."
            (Contains an Arcane NPC.)

          Polyhedron: (Issue P##, Title by Author, page number.)

          + P48a "Spelljammer" (preview) by Jeff Grub, pg. 23.
          + P55a "Spelljamming Monsters" by Conners, Donovan, & Moore,
            pp. 15-18.
          + P71a "Highlander" (adventure) by Minniear & Bassingwaite, pp.
          + P73a "An 1889 Crystal Sphere" by Timothy B. Brown, pp. 26-30.
          + P74a "A New Crystal Sphere" by Timothy B. Brown, pp.
          + P81a "In His Majesty's Spacial Service" (adventure) by Tom
            Prusa, pp. 10-21.
          + P87a "Eye of the Leviathan" (adventure) by Randall Lemon and
            Ed Peterson, pp. 10-19. This adventure takes place
            planetside, but has a crashed Squidship.



   D&D Modules

         1. * In the Phantom's Wake
         2. * Dark Thoughts


 Static,     |  --==<< (Stories and Games) >>==--
  of the     |
   NIGHTMARE |             "Only the good die young,
    Company  |                     the bad prefer it that way..."

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