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Month Index: April, 1996

From:     Michael Popovich <cad@???????.net>
Date:     Mon, 15 Apr 1996 20:02:00 -0400
Subject:  Re: Internet Role-Playing Society
Hello Everyone,

        The Internet Role-Playing Society, otherwise known as IRPS, is
looking for new members to join it's ranks.  We over several benefits for
our club members along with several activities, all we ask of our members is
that they're willing to participate in some fashion to make a club a better

        Currently we have the following benefits:

        * A monthly newsletter, written by our members each month (we are
currently looking for writers to fill this position, if you're interested
contact Michael Popovich <cad@???????.net>;
        * A 30% discount on gaming products courtesy of Daili's
Collectibles, if you're interested in this contact Craig Janssen
        * PBEM games for our members to participate in (we're currently
looking for members who are interested in DM or playing in any campaign of
their choice, and if you don't know how to play we have loads of information
and we'd be willing to help you learn);
        * A database of club members with geographical information should
gamers decide to meet and role-play in real life;
        * A web page, to be posted at on January
1, 1996 (I am currently finishing up the page) and a FTP site at (currently in testing)
; and,
        * we are also thinking of setting up other activites such as online
games using IRC and MUD's.

        If you are interested in becoming a member of IRPS, please return
the following information to Michael Popovich <cad@???????.net>:

Your full name:
E-mail address:
Postal address:
Telephone Number:
Date of Birth:
WWW address (if applicable):
RPGA Membership number (if applicable):

        After you send this information we will add you to the membership
database and get back to you ASAP. :)  If you have any questions or comments
feel free to ask.  Remember, there are no dues but all we ask is that
everyone participate and have fun :)

Michael Popovich, cad@???????.net
IRPS President

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Month Index: April, 1996

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