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From:     Etienne Goyer <etienne@?????????.com>
Date:     Fri, 5 Apr 1996 04:27:01 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: psi helm
Hello there,

        I'm not currently DMing a spelljammer capaign, but I plane to do so
in the near future.  Spelljammer, like every other capaign setting, need a
little customizing to make it coherent to my style of play.  I'm not a rule
lawyer, so I'm saying "damn the book" and thought about a few sensible
point, wich include serie helm.

      In my capaign, illithid are full psionic.  I replaced the actual
"magical power" by the psi power suggested by the CPH.  It make them the
monster of the mind they should be and add coherence with their mytho and
Historie (see Astromundi Cluster).

      I also dont like the concept of serie helm.  If there is helm for
almost any taste (bardic, lifedraining and so on), why not helm using power
of the mind?  So here it work: it would be no more "serie helm" since my psi
helm would need only one operator.  The spelljammic propulsion would be done
by spending a yet to be determined amount of PSP per SR/hour.  Isuggest this
amount to be quit high to limit the time a psionicist could spelljamm at
high speed to only a few hour or even turn.  this would keep the spirit of
serie helm, where a lot of psi are required to mane a ship.  This way,
nautiloid would still need quit a few people around the helm to replace
exausted operator, effectively refraining them to use their PSP on more
deadly purpose.  I would also suggest to make the SR max of psi helm 5, as
the serie helm.  Off course, this nice variation of the standard helm would
be provided by our good friend, the Arcanes.

       This concept helm also have some advantage and disadvantage
particular to it.  It would be more flexible in some sensible situation like
attack, boarding, etc. but also more limited in time it could be used.
Would the psi operator spend a huge amount of PSP on a particular attack,
running the risk of exhausting himself and be unable to react properly in a
future encounter, or would he trust the firepower of his ship to solve the
combat, actually saving his energy for some potential future threat?  This
add some strategy in the management of his PSP, wich I found really

     So, what do you think of it?

                                                   Etienne Goyer

         "L'independance, si c'est bon pour la Lituanie, pourquoi ce serait
pas bon pour le Quebec?"
                                               Pierre Falardeau, cineaste, 1995

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