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Month Index: March, 1996

From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Tue, 19 Mar 1996 11:38:45 -0500
Subject:  Re: The Future of Spelljammer
I like it! Especially the Crys-weapons!  Wasn't there an article in
Polyhedron on an Space 1870 Crystal sphere?  I never got to see the article
but it seems like a natural idea,  anyone know if it was any good?  Also,
my only exposure to the Bionoids was in the SJ novels,  where does their MC
sheet appear?

>I have been kind of playing around with the concept of what Spelljammer
>would be like several centuries
>in the future, I have some basic ideas but would like to hear what some of
>you think.
>Here are some of my current ideas:
>The Last Unhuman War shattered the Elven Empire and left it broken, never
>to be
>quite the same.  Many humanoids died, but the scro empire survived (albeit
>The dwarves, who have never been good at magic (wizard magic), began to follow
>the path of technology (with some magic -- they *can* make excellent magic
>items).  The dwarves discovered a rare, magical element that was the secret
>the helms.  The dwarves began to mine asteroids and
>soon became *very* wealthy, selling this refined metal to others for
>spelljamming propulsion.  The Arcane, who once owned all ability to make
>lost much power and influence as a result, and *hate* the dwarves.
>Weapon technology has seen the evolution of crys-weapons -- weapons powered
>by a
>fairly rare magical crystal that holds a "charge" of inert energy.  When
>stimulated (like by a "battery" of sorts), the crystal emits a pulse of
>Weapons built with such crystal are potent but eventually become decharged.
>There are crys-pistols (hand-held guns), crys-rifles, and now ship-mounted
>revolvers -- magical gatling guns with multiple crystalline cylinders.  These
>large (75 lbs.) weapons are mounted on ships and can generate anywhere from
>blasts per round, each doing 2d12 damage...
>The dwarves, meanwhile, have been perfecting gunpower technology to the point
>where muskets and even rifled barrels are possible.  They have built grenades
>and torpedoes, of sorts.  They have perfected the art of artillery -- bombards
>and ship cannonades.
>Tinker gnomes?  What are/were they?  Weren't they just a stupid legend?  Yes,
>Virginia, they never existed at all!
>The bionoids completely broke away from their elvish masters to become a race
>unto themselves -- a race programmed for war.  They continue to cause problems
>for elves and others, a warlike race of organic machines.
>The neogi have taken to creating armies of slave-mercenaries;  controlled by
>special drugs or biologic implants, then hiring out these mercenaries for
>The lizard men have managed to breed a more intelligent, more dangerous strain
>of their race, and are slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with.
>The scro are rebuilding their empire, but are still fractured and feuding.
>If a
>powerful leader could unit the scro houses, the worlds would quake in fear...
>Ship technology has improved, too.  Larger, meaner ships have been built.
>Battleships, of sorts.  More magical weaponry has been created for space
>The Spelljammer has become a "neutral ground" city -- a place for diplomacy
>is strong enough that no one power could take it over.  It has become the
>"Switzerland" of space...
>Meanwhile, a jumbled asteroid city known simply as "The Belt" serves as a
>different kind of neutral ground.  It consists of a series of asteroids, mined
>out by dwarves, now connected by buildings, flying bridges, decks, ladders,
>It is a lawless, dangerous place, a port of call -- a place for diplomats,
>hustlers, entrepreneurs...(.hey, that sounds awfully familiar...B5)  Anyhow,
>it is a
>rough and tumble place where all kinds of things can be bought or sold.
>It is *
>much* different from the Rock of Bral, as there is no single ruling government
>or entity.
>These are my ideas, comments and constructive crit is always welcome.
>Douglas Russell
>P.S Thanks to Paul for some of his great ideas recently.
>"Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold.
> Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.
> The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere,
> The ceremony of innocence is drowned.
> And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
> Slouches toward Bethlehem to be born?"
>        -- G'Kar (B5)
>                Douglas J Russell

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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