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From:     Paul Westermeyer <westermeyer.3@???.edu>
Date:     Tue, 19 Mar 1996 01:40:29 -0500
Subject:  Re: Realmspace Updates:Neogi!
If anyone feels these are a waste of the groups time let me know.  All
comments are welcome.  (Spelljammerlist-would someone please let me know if
this posted? I am not recieving copies of my posts back,  so don't know if
they went out or not-thanks!)
Here's my continuation of the Realmspace update

The Neogi

Creatures of deep space,  few spheres have not known the scourge of the
Neogi. Many of their fleets move continueously from sphere to sphere in
search of slaves and power,  these vagabonds are the true "wandering
monsters" of both wildspace and the pholigiston.  Some of these wandering
bands settle in a sphere for an extended stay,  Much to the dismay of that
spheres opther inhabitants.  the known spheres all have aquired such neogi
colonies and these are the evil one knows,  as oppossed to the unkown,
random evil that drifts in and out of the sphere.  because of this drifting
the ship numbers below should not be taken as maximum totals  but rather as
the mininum number of neogi vessels that will be found within the
Realmspace at anyone time,  usually there are many more.
There is currently only one permanent neogi colony within Realmsspace, the
Navy of Wa destroying the slave pens on the Selune's Tear astroid known as
the Elmonitae Moonlet five years ago.  The remaining colony is also located
within Selune's Tears,  on an astroid known as Journey's Legg.  the neogi
here call themselves the Krrrs-ssek-ss ("Mind Vipers" in neogi)  The neogi
have established here a formidable defensive base,  using the latest in
defensive spelljammer technology.  Dual medium ballista mounts dot the
astroid,  and the many towers are joined by a tangled web of lines made
from giant spider silk.  these silk rope "webs" prevent anything of 1/2 ton
(the Neogi learned to fear the Locusts of Wa at Elmonitae) or more mass
from landing intact anywhere on the astroid except the docks. These docks
stretch out along the gravity plane of the astroid,  allowing upto 2
deathspiders or 4 mindspiders to dock at a time.  The docks are of course
protected by the greatest concetration of dual medium ballista mounts,  as
well as several bombards.
The neogi who inhabit Journey's Legg are unique in two ways: First,  they
are all psionic to at least some degree-  most are wild talents,  a few are
psionicists,  and a rare few are multi-classed pscionicist/mages (some of
those with wild talents are classed as mages as well).  no one knows what
the maximum ablity level of neogi psionicist is,  and few wish to do the
requisite research,  but neogi as high as 9th level in ability have been
reported on the vessels of the Krrrs-ssek-ss fleets.  All neogi psionicists
of the Krrrs-ssek-ss' encountered have had psyhcokenetics as their primary
The second way in which this group is different is its leadership.  A
single neogi,  Trrkas,  is the undisputed ruler of the Krrrs-ssek-ss.  The
standard neogi power struggles may occur over control of a ship or
squadron,  but Trrkas is _the_ ruler,  none challenge him.  This state of
affairs is nearly unique for neogi,  it came about when Trrkas was to
become a great old master.  utilizing his great powers he defeated all the
neogi who came at him,  but did not destroy them.  Instead he subjugated
them and forced his seccond to undergo the paimful transformation.  He then
transformed himself into a psionic lich!(see Dragon # 174 "Out of the
Mists" p 19)  Trrkas' primary discipline is telepathy,  it is thought he
purposefully keeps his subjects weak in this field to prevent the
possibility of rivals.  He is also rumoured to have some magical powers.
Trrkas' mental powers allow him to keep his subjects on a short leash
throughout the sphere,  he _never_ allows a Krrrss-ssek-ss vessel to leave
the sphere.  Trrkas understands neogi reproduction methods perfectly,  he
insures his senior officers become great old masters and birth their brood
on several nearby "nursery" astroids.  Slaves are left their until the
young are ready to met Trrkas,  who examines each mentally,  subjects it to
psychic surgery to unleash its psionic potential,  and the uses psyhcic
surgery to plant a suggestion to always obey Trrkas within its mind.  Those
that fail to survive the process are eaten,  the rest Trrkas assigns to a
place in his empire. (for more on neogi reproduction see either the SJ
Boxed set or Dragon #214  "Ecology of the Neogi")
Currently the Krrrs-ssek-ss fleet comprises the following:
4 deathspiders
6 mindspiders
3 leeches
30 urchins
4 tradesmen (modified to land on land or water)
At least half the fleet surrounds Journey's Legg at anytime, all non-neogi
vessels that approach are immediately attacked and their crews enslaved.
The illithids are the sole exception to this,  they occasionally trade
slaves with the neogi (_very_ carefully; the illithids of Glyth are none to
happy about the krrrs-ssek-ss mental abilities).  Non-krrrs-ssek-ss neogi
are also allowed to trade,  thoungh Trrkas tries to add smaller bands to
his own forces.  These "lesser" (ie-non-psionic) neogi are often used on
suicide attacks,  their leaders becoming great old masters who breed for
Trrkas.  The tradesmen are used for those rare times Trrkas chooses to
trade or negotiate with someone,  as well as terestrial slave raids
(usually covered from above by a mindspider).  the Deathspiders often lay
in wait in Toril's atmosphere,  above a busy port or near a standard escape
trajectory.  There they attack groundlings new to spelljamming or veterans
who don't expect to encounter a Deathspider within the atmosphere.  They
even attacked a Halruan skyship once,  the remains of that Deathspider are
now at the bottom of the Shining Sea.  Trrkas is currently avoiding
antagonizing any of the major sphere powers,  he wishes to at least double
his fleet before attempting to conquor the sphere.

The above contains TSR trademarked material,  as well as paraphrased
copyrighted material.  This use should not be construed as a challenge to
that status.

Dragon #174
Dragon #214
Spelljammer Boxed set
Realmspace accessory
War Captain's Companion
Lost Ships accessory
Spelljammer's Handbook

"We look on the same stars,  the sky is common,  the same world surrounds
us.  What difference does it make by what pains each seeks the truth?  We
can not attain to so great a secret by one road..."
Symmachus,  "Memorial on the Occasion of the Removal of the Altar of
Victory from the Senate House" (392 AD)

Paul William Westermeyer

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