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From:     TSRInc@???.com
Date:     Wed, 6 Mar 1996 12:17:47 -0500
Subject:  Re: Update update: AD&D CD-ROM
     OK, I have gotten a lot of mail about the ROM, and so I'll answer the
questions in a group (my apologies to those who sent me personal mail
about it).

     First, here is the actual text from the 1996 catalog regarding the

     AD&D CD-ROM Vol I: Core Rules
     Every aspect of the game is faithfully and beautifully incorporated
into a fully cross-referenced, interactive electronic manual, including
the complete text of the Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master Guide,
Monstrous Manual, Tome Of Magic, and Arms & Equipment Guide. Dungeon
Masters and players can easily and quickly generate full characters,
making every crucial decision along the way, without ever worrying about
overlooking a bonus or forgetting a step. AD&D CD-ROM, Volume I, Core
Rules features a state-of-the art character generation system for players
and Dungeon Masters, and a map generation system, as well as a
computer-animated 3-D tour of a village. Designed to be Microsoft Windows
and Microsoft Windows 95 compatible.

     Electronic Accessory
     On Sale Date: September
     Suggested Retail Price: $59.95
     ISBN 0-7869-0602-2
     Format: CD-ROM disc in jewel case, instruction booklet

> What about a Macintosh version?

     There are no plans for a Macintosh version at this time ("Boo! Hiss!"
- I use a Mac, too, thank you).  If you would like to see a Mac version,
you should send a suggestion via snail mail to:

     David Wise
     TSR, Inc.
     201 Sheridan Springs Rd.
     Lake Geneva, WI

> Will it be at Gen Con?

     There is a good chance that the software will be available as a sneak
preview at Gen Con '96.  That is the plan, at least.

> Where can I get it?

     You should be able to get it from where you normally get AD&D
materials, as well as from software retailers.

> What are the hardware requirements?

     As of now, the expected requirements will be 486/33, 8MB RAM,
double-speed CD-ROM.

> Will it have the Monstrous Manual illustrations?

     From the screenshots I have seen, it has the images from the
Monstrous Manual, and some other cool 3D-rendered ones as well (I'll be
putting some of these images online later today).

> What about updates?  Sequels?

     Well, the ROM is "Volume I."  Depending on how this one does, sequels
will be considered.  Hopefully, any sequels will be designed to fit in
with the main ROM.  Possible expansions might be the Complete XYZ
Handbooks, world-specific sets, etc.

> What about world-specific characters, like Athasian half-giants or
> Krynnish kender?

     As this CD-ROM is the "Core Rules," the character generation software
will not use races, classes, or spells from sources other than those
listed as being used in the ROM.

> Can I load it on my hard drive, or is it playable off of the CD only?

     As much of the software involves the 3D engine and such, you'd want
to leave that on your HD.  The program is customizable with your own
spells, monsters, etc., so some info must be being stored on your HD< but
I don't know how much and I don't know how much of the sorftware would be
functional if copied off the ROM.
Sean Reynolds, TSR Online Coordinator
TSRinc@???.com | AOL: keyword TSR |

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