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From:     TSRInc@???.com
Date:     Tue, 5 Mar 1996 17:41:21 -0500
Subject:  Re: Update: AD&D CD-ROM features
[Sorry to those on several mailing lists; I always hate it when
people cross-post, but many have asked for this info, so....]

This is an update of some of the features of the upcoming

     * the core AD&D game rules are included in this single product: The
ROM disk contains the complete text of the Player's Handbook, the DUNGEON
MASTER Guide, the Tome of Magic, the MONSTROUS MANUAL tome, and the Arms
and Equipment accessory.  All of these books are presented in a rich-text
format that can be accessed and manipulated through the software's own
word processing program or through many popular programs such as Word and
     * A Village Tour provides the user with an entertaining introduction
to both the ROM program and the AD&D game.  When initiated, it leads the
user on a 3-D animated adventure in a medieval town, introducing numerous
characters in a fantasy setting.
     * A character generator allows the user to create AD&D characters
according to any of the parameters established in the Player's Handbook,
but it also allows the user to custom generate characters according to
specific needs and desires, then edit a character's attributes and
possessions while the program automatically adjusts all game-contingent
stats.  This program also allows the Dungeon Master to quickly generate
nonplayer characters appropriate to any scenario and player level.
     * A map maker allows the user to create maps on three separate
scales, calling upon a wide selection of icons and a built-in paint
program.  A square or hexagonal grid may be laid over maps at the user's
     * An encounter generator allows the Dungeon Master to designate the
frequency and level of wandering monsters and nonplayer characters, after
which the program creates detailed and appropriate encounters and places
them on a map (previously generated by the user).
     * A treasure generator allows the Dungeon Master to determine what
player characters find both in lairs and on the persons of defeated
adversaries, exactly as they would using the tables in the DUNGEON MASTER
Guide, but the ROM program also allows the DM to invent custom items and
insert them into the random treasure generator.
     * Using the ROM program, the user can create a personal data base of
monsters and items.  If desired, the user may create original creatures
and items, and the program assists in conforming the creation to standard
AD&D game rules.
     * As a bonus, a die-rolling program is included, allowing the user to
specify die quantities and types, then "roll" them for a result.

Sean Reynolds, TSR Online Coordinator
TSRinc@???.com | AOL: keyword TSR |

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