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From:     gd71@????????.com
Date:     Sun, 04 Mar 1990 12:09:57 -0700
Subject:  Re: Do you need help?

Yes No
___ ___ Do you have a gameplan to control debt in your life?

___ ___ Do you have a program in place to fund your children's

___ ___ Are you saving enough to provide for retirement security?

___ ___ Are you happy with your overall financial picture?

Most people know exactly what they want but they don't have
any idea how to accomplish it.  That's where we come in - we can
help you to develop your personal program to achieve financial
independence. Our Common Sense Plan program will analyze
your financial needs and illustrate the various options to
help you to prepare for your financial future. THERE IS NO

It takes about 15 minutes to complete the enclosed form.  Then
e-mail it back to me.
Please call me at 520-452-0327 if you have questions or e-mail to


Gary D. Dickey

Primerica Financial Services, member of Travelers Group
604A Graham Avenue
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635
FAX 520-452-0327
E-Mail:    gd71@????????.com

Securities offered through:  PFS Investments, Inc.
Member NASD and SIPC
Home Office: Duluth, Georgia 30199-001   (770) 381-1000
Primerica Life Insurance Company/Executive Offices: Duluth, GA

Amount    Years Required  Description
$______  _______________  ______________ Dream Car
$______  _______________  ______________ D/P on Dream Home
$______  _______________  ______________ College for children
$______  _______________  ______________ Weddings
$______  _______________  ___________________________________
$______  _______________  Age __________ Retirement

                       Our Business Is About Helping People

 1. Do you own an IRA? _____ Current Amount ? $______ Rate of

 2. Do you have an emergency savings?______ If Yes - Amount ? $______

 3. Do you get a tax refund?____ If Yes-Amount? $ _____ # of

 4. Do you own bank credit card(s) ?_____
    If Yes - Average Interest Rate?____ % Total Balance(s)? $__________

 5. Deductible on your car insurance? $_______ Home insurance? $________

 6. Do you own Hospitalization insurance?______ Monthly Premium? $
     Do you own Disability insurance?    ______ Monthly Premium? $

 7. What is the interest rate on your home mortgage?_________%

 8. Do you own Credit Life or Mortgage Protection?  _________

 9. Do you own personal life insurance?  _______
    Amount of protection on you?         $_______  Monthly Premium?
    Amount of protection on spouse?    $_______  Monthly Premium?
    Amount of protection on children?   $_______  Monthly Premium?
    Amount of group protection-you?     $_______  Monthly Premium?
    Amount of group protection-spouse $_______  Monthly Premium? $______

10. If your spouse's income stopped today, how much monthly income would
     you want in addition to your income? Wife $____   Husband
     For how long?  Wife _____ yrs    Husband ______yrs

11. How much money would you want per month to retire today? $_________
     At what age would you like to retire?  ____________
     What have you currently saved?        $___________
     What inflation rate would you expect? ______% (4-5% historically)

12. Do you want to help send your children to college? _________
     What annual amount do you want to provide (today's dollars)?
     Current savings ? $__________   Monthly savings? $________

13. What % of your current income can you save toward your family's
      5% _______   10% ________   15% _______ of monthly income

14. If I could show you how to have more money if you live, more money
     if you die, and do it without costing you any more money than you
     are currently spending, could we possibly do some business?

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