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From:     Jeff Goodson <jeffqyzt@????.??.???.edu>
Date:     Wed, 7 Feb 1996 03:18:04 -0500 (EST)
Subject:  Re: Neogi...

On Wed, 7 Feb 1996, Eugene Shumu1insky wrote:

> 	I was just looking at some SJ junk, and I noticed something that
> hasn't really struck me before:  Neogi don't have arms.  How in the nine
> hells do they do anything?  I know that they have their Umber Hulk slaves,
> but how do they get them?  And in some pictures, Neogi have various daggers
> and stuff straped to their legs.  Also, I read somewhere that they don't
> breathe air.  Anybody else confused?  Any thoughts?

Hrm...well, the various descriptions of neogi don't agree very well with
eachother, for one thing :)  For instance, while in nearly all SJ stuff
they're shown as bloated sacs with sharp teeth, and metallic-looking spike
legs (mostly sans the nifty tattoos and such they're supposed to have) the
Monstrous Manual has them looking something like a giant wolf-spider with
a torso.  IMC, Neogi are centaur-like, with two small arms on a humanoid
torso, though their "seat" falls in a different place than with centaurs,
dracons, etc.

If you're worried about neogi, what do you do with beholders? :)  There
*was* a rather silly magical item once that was kind of like a mouth harp
that allowed beholders to manipulate objects; maybe they're in a joint
manufacturing deal with the neogi?

Maybe they're just holding their hands behind their back all the time :)

As for the anaerobic respiration, if you want to get technical, all the
"giant insects" should be heavily altered from normal forms, since normal
insects breathe through little tubes called spicules, having no lungs.
This only works for relativly small surface area to volume ratios.  Do
giant ants have lungs?  Whatever they use, the neogi should use too.
IMC, they have lungs.  Sort of.  Anyway, the no-air bit is just to make
them a bit more "alien" and inhuman, as well as letting them munchkinize
a bit on crew-air ratios.

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