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From:     Truls Rostrup <Truls.Rostrup@???.???.no>
Date:     Sat, 27 Jan 1996 19:34:27 +0100 (MET)
Subject:  Re: Bralian Revolution Shock! (fwd)
An adventure idea I tried:

The Xenos are gaining ground on the Rock, led by a charismatic high-level
bard they spread their xenophobic propaganda with great success.
Humanoids are frequent targets of attacks, less so demi-humans. As their
popularity rises, the crown is blamed for not cleaning up the Rock.

The PCs (the human ones, of course) are approached with an invitaion to
hear the great leader speak at a rally in a empty warehouse in the lower
city. If they attend, they get to listen to aggressive polemic directed
against non-humans, with promises of a New Order in the making. Later the
PCs are asked to join the struggle. Tension rises, riots in the market as
mobs of Xenos attack non-human merchants and destroy their stalls. Chaos,
as a large part of the Bralian Royal Guards hold deep sympathies for the
Xenos' cause. Xenos arrested are usually set free after few hours.

In my sessions, a PC human fighter from Kara-Tur got involved with the
Xenos, started training his own para-military squad. He received a shiny
black platemail with an big X painted on it, and later was asked to
perform a special mission: to blow up the Giff HQ on the Rock. He managed
to infiltrate and place a magical bomb in their armoury (SMOKE POWDER!),
but failed to escape in time and perished in the subsequent explosion
(was later raised by the other PCs).

What about Prince Andru? He is worried about the Xenos, but does not see
them as threat to the throne, as his security advisor is secretly working
for the Xenos (he is looking to gain from a change in power) and is
feeding him with false information.

Eventually the Xenos march on the palace, and the subsequent result
depends partially on the PCs actions. Support the crown (which they in my
campaign had a sour relationship with) or the fanatic Xenos? They ended
up fighting both, being taken for Xenos by the Royal Guards in the
ensuing chaotic fight. It all got messy, until the Elven Imperial Navy
intervened by sending in crack marines to defeat the Xenos. The elves saw
their bases on the Rock threatend by a change in power and thus support
Prince Andru. The Xenos were largely destroyed politically although the
leader escaped in the chaos. However, the result might have been
altogether different...

Please post comments, and tell me how it turns out if you try the
scenario. If anyone is interested, I could post the stats for the major
Xenos and related NPCs.

Truls Rostrup

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